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I’m sure you do like to take pictures of yourself, your family or friends in happy moments or in your outdoor activities, at fiestas or even taking photos of beautiful sunsets and places. In order these photos, the specialists from, propose to us to get some accessories, in order never to miss a picture, shoot them as easy as we can and under the best circumstances. Let us have a brief look at this proposals.


Zhiyun Crane-M Paraprofessional 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal is an essential item for every professional phtographer. The Gimbal will give him the stability in his images or the video that wants to create, so the final result wont be shaky. It can hold up to 125 grams – 650 grams, supporting the vast majority of the compact digital cameras in the market. It can fill up the space between phone and mirrorless camera at the same time. Crane-M weights only 740g which makes it lighter from the Crane. To function correctly adapts the new technology of 3-axis of unlimited rotation. The Crane-M features Bluetooth connection.


Andoer 4K Action Camera is equipped with a 16MP sensor featuring 170°wide-angle lens and 4X zoom focus. It has dual screen display, so you can see at the back what you are shooting and at the front important info for the camera. Comes with built-in WiFi, which let you control the functions of the camera, as you can see from your mobile what you are shooting and share it at the same time. , playback and share your shootings by phone. It has a waterproof case, for taking videos and images underwater and for up to 30 meters. It can take up to 64GB extended memory card and is powered by a detachable 900mAh Li-ion Battery.


Aputure V-Screen VS-1 FineHD is a professional video monitor with a 7-inch LCD Screen (1920*1200 native resolution). With this video monitor you can have a diverse video interface (HD Multimedia Interface/ YPbPr/ AV), with monochrome, safe area and other functions. Supports various signal inouts and features extra speaker or earphone stereo output. You can flip the image that you see on the screen vertically and horizontally and shows extra OSD with battery status, input signal and shortcut information. If you are about to work under strong sun, the monitor comes with a special sun shade for been able to monitor in bright sunlight. For power uses dual power supply with battery and DC 7-18V power adapter.


Aputure Amaran H528c LED light with CRI95+ can be used at shady or dark places to provide a more natural light for your shooting. Equipped with uniform illumination, you will have a strong and steady light. The H528c comes with a step-less adjustment of the brightness and the color temperatures. You can also digitally see the values and memorize them. The beam angle is up to 75 degrees and is equipped with efficient heat dissipation without making any noise. The lifespan bulbs have a 100000 hours lifetime and uses dual power supply system and intelligent changing for powering smart the device.


These are just a few of the proposal from the specialists at Go over to their site and see many more proposals, at low prices. Don’t forget when you make an order to use our coupon code igeek5, in order to have 5% discount at the final price.


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