New Android 14 DP1 Feature: The ability to clone applications to enable double opening of applications


Google released the first developer preview of Android 14 today, and in the preview, Google is offering a feature called “Clone Apps,” which will allow users to duplicate an app to create two apps.

Some native Android operating systems already support dual-opening apps, and in Android 14 Developer Preview 1, Google is also offering an official clone feature, where users can select the Android app they want to copy from the new “Cloned Apps” menu (see below).

It’s important to note that not all apps can be cloned, and that Google and other manufacturers of Android 14 devices can dictate which apps are not cloned. IGeekphone found that in the case of the Pixel phones, Google prevents many of its own apps from being cloned, including media apps like YouTube and YouTube Music, as follows:


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