New Folding drone from DJI – DJI Mavic (with real photos!)


DJI filed a trademark for the name Mavic on August 15th, so it makes sense that this new compact/racing drone will be called the DJI Mavic. Each time DJI files a trademark for their products which are quadcopters they spam the identification of the trademark application full of text related to UAV’s. This makes it more difficult to figure out what actually the new not-yet-released product will do.


Folding drones have been the flavour of the season. We’ve already seen the Dobby, Ying drone, and more recently, the Wingsland S6. All of these drones are made for consumers that just want a drone that works out of the box, takes decent photo/video, and is easy to carry around. If leaks are to be believed, DJI are working on a foldable drone of their own — the DJI Mavic.


In contrast to its current range of Phantom copters, the Mavic is reported to be a small and light entry-level machine, and, thanks to its foldability, highly portable. Word is that the DJI Mavic will be only 1.43 pounds or 650g, making it one of the lightest DJI drones ever. Also, the Mavic is expected to feature support for 4K video recording, along with a 2-axis gimbal for stabilisation. As for the controller, it’s expected to ship with an Android-powered one with a display on top of it for FPV feed.


As shown in the images – obtained from an unnamed source – the folding mechanism allows you to move the machine’s arms, legs, and rotors into its main body, producing a compact shape for easier storage and transportation. This new transformable drone allows the front arms of the quad to fold forward from the rear of the body. They will lock in place on the side of the protected camera housing. The arms stored near the front of the drone body will fold back to the rear downwards. This allows the propellers to be on top of the motors once the arms are fully locked in place.
The transmitter is rumored to be featuring an integrated LCD screen built right into the transmitter itself. You may recall seeing a military-looking transmitter on our Inspire 1 Rumors page. Don’t worry it won’t be as industrial looking. It will be more on par with the following transmitter from TBS:

Besides, the DJI Mavic is expected to have a 3380mAh battery (which honestly sounds a little too large capacity for a ‘mobile’ drone). If this is indeed real, it’ll be DJI’s answer to the Dobby, and the likes. With the GoPro Karma around the corner, time is ripe for DJI to invest in the ‘selfie drone’ market.

Mavic looks like DJI’s pitch for drone newbies on the hunt for an affordable device, a market the company hasn’t targeted up to now. Yuneec has done it with its $500 selfie-centered Breeze copter; Mavic could be DJI’s equivalent.

So are you up to get the new DJI Mavic!? Update: You can use coupon code: RC18OFF to catch it at $1108.15 now.


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