New iPad Pro Exposure: 14.1-inch Screen Upgraded to Mini LED


Today, industry insider Ross Young revealed that Apple has three iPad Pro models on the road, in sizes 11 inch, 12.9 inch and 14.1 inch. The 11 inch and 12.9 inch versions have OLED screens, while the 14.1 inch version has a Mini LED screen.

Compared with the current display technology LCD, Mini LED has better display effect, response speed has an order of magnitude of improvement, the screen can be thinner, and the power consumption is greatly reduced, it can prolong the battery life.

Compared to OLED displays, Mini leds have faster response times, higher reliability at high temperatures, and the same life span as TFT LCDS while maintaining excellent display performance and flexibility.

In addition, Mini LED has shaped cutting characteristics, with flexible substrate can realize the form of high curved backlight, through local dimming has better color performance, it can bring more fine HDR partition to the LCD panel, thickness is similar to OLED and more energy saving.

In addition, Ross Young revealed that the 14.1-inch iPad Pro also supports ProMotion. The refresh rate can be adjusted adaptively, allowing the iPad Pro to use different screen refresh rates in different situations and scenarios to ensure smooth experience while saving power.

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While it’s unclear when the iPad Pro will be released, Yong said it’s likely apple will release the device in early 2023.


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