New Music Kits Have Been Added to CS GO


As a CS: GO fan, one way to have fun is by going to and placing some bets. But that isn’t the only way, and CS: GO ensured things can get even better for fans of the game. Just recently, the game has released the Tacticians Music Kit. The music kit feature will allow you to listen to a plethora of tracks that were made by different game composers, and this is something to truly cherish considering music kits aren’t released all the time. Not only are the tracks included, but there are also a few goodies that the fans will be more than happy to get.

What Are the CS: GO Music Kits?

CS: GO music kits allow players to take the game to a different level. Added in 2014 for the first time, they let people customize the game’s soundtrack so that it matches their tastes. The whole soundtrack basically “gets a new skin”, so the player is not just streaming music over the game. Therefore, every single screen can have the desired music, whether it’s the death screen, loading screen, or others.

At first, the kits were made so that players could show off who they truly are. The kit could be shared with people from the server if a player wanted to. An MVP anthem is also included in the kits, so if a player wins a match, the others will have to listen to it.

What Do the New Kits Include?

The new kits are included in a pack named the Tacticians Music Box. It includes songs from different composers. Some composers are Sarah Schachner, who worked on the Assassin’s Creed soundtrack, Chipzel, who worked on the Crypt of the Necrodancer, Laura Saigihara from Plants vs. Zombies’, and Jesse Harlin who worked for the Mafia Series and some Star Wars titles.

Austin Wintory also contributed to the pack, and his contribution can be found on YouTube as well. The kit has a combination of polka and metal, which sounds very unique. “I decided to see what would happen if I smashed together beer garden-type polka and full-on metal!” said Wintory in the video preview.

Jesse Harlin’s kit is named Astro Bellum. It is pretty exciting, especially for CS: GO fans who also love the Star Wars franchise and were fond of some of the soundtracks there.

Laura Saigihara also made a pretty interesting contribution. Not only did she contribute with the music, but she also added a quite fun video for the track. You can find it on YouTube.

All in all, these new things are interesting for people who love CS: GO and play it on a daily basis, especially people who want to establish identity.


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