New Precision Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat for Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Screen For Just $11.49 at @Lightinthebox


Xiaomi is always dedicated to the development of innovative high-performance products that optimize the quality of life of its consumers and the efficiency with which activities of daily life are carried out, every day introduces a variety of unique devices that undoubtedly make it creditor of its recognized popularity. Among the most recent we have the new Precision Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat for Temperature and Humidity which, will allow us to monitor and regulate the temperature of our environments, getting rid of excess humidity, heat, etc. in a practical and simple way.

This device has a compact, simple and sophisticated design. With around structure of white color, it incorporates in the upper part an LCD screen in which we will be able to observe in real time the degrees of the temperature and the percentage of humidity of the environment as well as the state of the power of the battery of the thermostat.

Its dimensions are 6.08 x 6.08 x 2.25 cm and its weight 0.043 kg, which makes it quite small and light. In this way, we can easily place it in any space of our home.

Standing out for its incredible precision, the new Thermostat of Precision for Temperature and Humidity of Xiaomi, which, as already mentioned, has in this occasion a screen where the data that this provides us is appreciated directly; It also incorporates a high sensitivity sensor through which we can obtain the exact values of the same with a margin of error of approximately 0.1 seconds.

Therefore, the task of regulating the temperature of our space properly will be much simpler and more efficient thanks to this device.

Like most of Xiaomi’s great home products, the temperature and humidity monitor can be controlled remotely with our smartphones through the My Home App. By linking it to our mobile phone through the Bluetooth connection with which it is equipped, we will have the possibility of transferring data to other devices in our smart home, such as air conditioning, lamps, etc.

Thus, using the App we can open or close the humidifier when the humidity inside is too low or high and also increase or decrease the intensity of the air conditioning according to the internal temperature of our room.

This incredible Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity thermostat can be purchased by accessing the Lightinthebox page where it is available for a truly economical price at $11.49/ €9.45 with use this Coupon Code: CNYDS5. So you can go through yours immediately, then we’ll leave you a link that will take you directly to the purchase page in just one click.


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