New Rendering of Huawei P50 PRO+ is Exposed


A few weeks ago OnLeaks released 3D renderings of Huawei P50 and P50 Pro, both of which have a strange design with two large circles on the bulge of the pill-like camera. However, the circles are temporarily blank and do not reveal the camera layout.

Now another whistleblower, Hoilndi, has released previously unseen renderings of the Huawei P50 Pro +, claiming to reveal what the circles look like. Renderings show a wild layout inside: it’s a five-shot design, with a periscope and a smaller lens in one circle and three lenses in the other.

In addition, Huawei P50 Pro+ has a “waterfall” display with a very large side curve.

However, these renderings may not be 100% accurate. Last month, the whistleblower showed the layout of the P50 Pro + rear camera, which is very different from this one. In addition, even if these illustrations are based on internal information, manufacturers often try out different prototypes before settling on a final design, and the P50 is still several months away.

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We understand there is no firm indication as to when the P50 will be unveiled, though one source has said it will be in May.


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