New Xiaomi 5G Flagship Phone Approved by 3C Certification with a 120W Charger


A Xiaomi 5G digital mobile phone model, M2007J1SC, is now 3C certified and equipped with a 120W (20V, 6A MAX) charger.

The 3C certification shows that the applicant and manufacturer of the Xiaomi 5G mobile phone is Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., LTD., and the manufacturer is Fuzhikang Precision Electronics Co., LTD. The first release date was July 13.

The Xiaomi 5G phone comes with a 120W power adapter, the MDY-12-ED, that has previously been 3C certified. According to the certification information, the adapter supports a maximum 120W (20V 6A) fast-charge protocol and is only available at altitudes up to 5,000 meters and below.

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Xiaomi’s new flagship model, the M2007J1SC, will be launched around August and feature a high-refresh screen, according to digital blogger @digital Chatter.


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