New Xiaomi explosion was just reported


July has been a month with a lot of new devices for Xiaomi, as we saw Mi Notebook Air, Redmi Pro and some gadgets under the name of Mija (cooker, 360 camera), a Mi Pen. We also saw an explosion of a Mi4i, the first ever explosion reported for Mi4 series. Now for the first time we have an explosion of a Mi5!


As far we know, Xiaomi is still investigating the issue with the Mi4i and already has sent to the user a replacement unit they have not released any official details with respect to their findings.

Today, an owner of a Mi5 uploaded some pictures on Weibo of a exploded Mi5 device, showing a peeled off back but an undamaged front. From the post no injuries where mentioned because of the explosion, which is good news by the way. We are sure that Xiaomi has already been notified of the incident and will probably provide a replacement of the unit as well.

Xiaomi-Mi-5-alleged-explosion_3 Xiaomi-Mi-5-alleged-explosion-2

While we still wait for the official announcement of the results of the inquiries for the first incident with the Mi4i, a basic rule for all mobiles is to be very careful when charging our devices, keep it in a cool place when charging, away from flamable liquids and of course always use original batteries and chargers!

Exploding phones is something old and there where issues where there was death or with big damages. Other companies that have suffered similar issues are Samsung and HTC.


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