Newest Smart Remote Control For FeiyuTech Gimbal Review With Coupon


This is the wireless FeiyuTech Remote Control for the Feiyu Tech gimbals. This is especially useful for this device as with the wireless remote, you will be able to contol what footage you’re capturing, even when you are not in direct contact with the gimbal.


This small wireless remote controller is Compact and lightweight designed for FeiyuTech G360, SPG, SPG Live, SPG Plus, G5, MG V2, MG Lite and future gimbals and will allow you to easily change your operation mode and have full control over the movement of the gimbal. This remote can prove to be very useful when you are mid-filming and want to change operation mode without any chance of interupting video footage.


Adopt the chip signal enhanced technology, can conveniently control gimbals from a great distance. The stabilizer In Bluetooth mode, the remote control automatically matches the nearest Feiyu stabilizer every time it is turned on. Optimized signal chip to extend Bluetooth control coverage and improve response speed. Featuring FeiyuTech’s classic user interface to enable precise angle control, one-button mode switch and one-press selfie. Built with sturdy material and tested button components for extensive work duration. Extremely lightweight for easy carry, extensive runtime for long time filming.

How to connect between the Smart Remote and gimbal:
1. Power on the gimbal you want to connect: Long press the function button, If the indicator light turns form red to green, this means gimbal is working normally.
2. Power on the Smart Remote: Push the joystick up and hold, then press and hold the function button. The indicator on the Smart Remote light blue and then turn to green, means Smart Remote is paired with the gimbal.
3. Connection Status: If connected, the blue light and green light will flash alternately in ten seconds.


This FeiyuTech Remote Control which allows you to change the modes and adjust the angle of your gimbal remotely. you can buy from Camfere at $28.49 Using Coupon code: camfere 


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