Newwear Q3 Plus Review: a Smartwatch with Dynamic Blood Pressure Monitor For Just $19.99 at Banggood


the Newwear Q3 Plus (APP Link) smartwatch is the latest smartwatch from Newwear, The Newwear Q3 Plus SmartWatch is one such product from Newwear that is made to make life more manageable. It’s laden with features that prove beneficial to the wearer, improving their lives in multiple ways.


The Newwear Q3 Plus comes with a sporty, rectangular design with a Stainless Steel body with a Leather and Milanese straps. It’s available in a range of colors, giving you the choice to choose one that suits your personal style. The Newwear Q3 Plus smartwatch provides support for tracking steps, calories, heart rate, sleep monitoring including one-click physical examination. The watch is equipped with a 1.3-inch HD display paired with a high-speed processor. Moreover, you just need to raise your hands to work with the watch. The watch is embedded with 230mAh battery, which is capable of delivering an enhanced backup.


The Newwear Q3 Plus’s design enables it to perform a variety of tasks, with the following features making it one of the best smartwatches you can get. The screen offers a multi-angle, color display which is a fun improvement to the traditional black and white display. It also supports multiple languages, making it more versatile. Newwear Q3 Plus smartwatch runs the NRF52832 processor and has 512 KB + 64 KB + flash 8 MB. For its sensors, it has gyro sensor KX1025 and HR53300. It features a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor as well a blood oxygen monitor. It is also loaded with sports monitoring such as running, riding, hiking, swimming, and other sports options. The battery is 230 mAh lithium polymer battery with 50 days of standby time.

It has a host of capabilities that help keep track of one’s physical health; a real-time heart rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor, and a blood oxygen monitor. There couldn’t be an easier, less costly way of keeping track with your health details! It is also a sportsman’s companion with its sports mode that monitors sporting activities such as running, riding, hiking, swimming and many more. It simplifies your fitness routine. It can also check on your calorie consumption and has a sleep monitor, both of which aid in efforts to exercise good living habits.


The Newwear Q3 Plus (APP Link) SmartWatch is, without doubt, a smart choice for health and fitness conscious people. You’ll keep time while effortlessly keeping track of your own physical well-being and also keeping in touch with your social life through the connection with your smartphone. The newly launched Newwear Q3 Plus is currently available for pre-order on Banggood. as part of the launch offer, you can purchase Newwear Q3 Plus for $19.99 instead of the retail price of $39.99. The price will increase after the sale of 100 units. The stocks are running out fast and you should purchase quickly before the price increases to the retail value.


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