No.1 F3 SmartWatch Review a Pretty Nice Sport Watch With 1 Year of Battery Life


Today I want to talk about No.1 F3 sports watch. NO.1 is a Chinese manufacturer that stands out for the variety of its smartwatches, in the past we have seen how their F1 and F2 models have stood out for their features and price. In this opportunity I want you to know the NO.1 F3, which is the last to arrive from the F line and that has several improvements with respect to its predecessor that makes it an essential option for those who are looking for a smartwatch without spending a lot of money. The NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smartwatch is actually a next version of the NO.1 F2 Smartwatch. But this version is greatly different from its previous one. The more refined features along with the battered looks would definitely make you’re craving for this dynamic piece.  The No.1 F3 Review Unit provided by No.1 You Can buy from GEARBEST at $14.99

Packing and Unboxing

packaging The parcel flew in a standard small package, inside of which, wrapped in a pimply cellophane was a branded box with a watch. The box itself is made in white colors of strong cardboard. On the top cover, there is a logo of the company. I could not find any more information about the clock on the box. Perhaps in my case, the manufacturer simply forgot to paste the appropriate sticker. Otherwise, it is not clear when sending the goods as the store selects the necessary model and the desired color.

Inside the box, a watch is placed on the foam pad.

Under the pillow is a small, colored, instruction in English and Chinese.

There is nothing more in the kit. Actually, these are usual sports watches, which work from a regular battery. Recharge them do not need, respectively, no cables.


That’s for sure you can say that the design of this model is all right. The clock is really very cute and attracts the eye. They are available in several colors (black/white) and with different colors for the straps (in my case white/orange). So … The Watch is equipped with a round display that displays a lot of all sorts of information (date, time, the day of the week …). Bezel in the clock is rotary, and it turns only counterclockwise. Around the bezel is the labeling of the buttons: Light / Mode / Start / Reset.

Behind the mechanism is protected by a metal cover on which the inscription: BLUETOOTH 4.0 * STAINLESS STEEL * SMART WATCH * MADE IN CHINA * IP68 * CE0700.

On the left and right end, there are two mechanical control buttons.

The watch strap is bright, made of a soft enough silicone, but it is not quick-detachable. This is a little disappointing because the manufacturer offers for a fairly small price to buy replacement straps of different colors.

The design of the strap is very interesting. Colors are well combined. Clasp plastic.


Of course, the clock No.1 F3 is hard to call a SmartWatch, but they certainly are not a normal electronic Watch.
The Watch is mounted on the smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. The instructions have a link to the application for synchronization and configuration. Of course, the functionality of the application is quite small: monitoring the distance traveled, monitoring sleep, and a number of settings (notifications, camera control, synchronization, etc.)

The management and configuration of functions on the clock itself do not cause any difficulty. Moreover, the clock is accompanied by a sufficiently detailed instruction.

  • Turning on / off the clock is done by pressing the Start + Mode buttons;
  • Turn Bluetooth on / off by pressing the Light button for a long time;
  • Information displayed: 
    – Date display;
    – A display that shows the number of steps passed;
    – A display showing the number of calories burned;
    – Distance covered in kilometers/miles;
    – Alarm clock;
    – Stopwatch;
    – Display showing barometric indicators;
    – A display showing the ultraviolet index.

We will speak frankly, half of these indicators are received from the smartphone, and no one is responsible for their accuracy.
In order to save battery power, the manufacturer added the following option: if the Bluetooth module in the clock is on, but there is no pairing with the mobile device for 30 minutes, the Bluetooth module in the clock turns off automatically.
Neon lighting.

  • Advantages– Excellent design;- Good display;- Good enough functionality;- Autonomy of the battery should be about a year;- Price (especially for shares).

  • Disadvantages– Lack of vibration;- The SMART functional is practically zero. Even this is an ordinary electronic clock with a pendulum;- There is no display of the incoming call and messages.



No.1 F3 SmartWatch in the process of writing a review and non-prolonged operation caused me a particularly positive impression. Bright, catchy design.  The watch is a perfect bracelet for both the genders. It has everything to call it a tiny masterpiece. The watch is perfect for the users who often go on an adventure. For them, battery, temperature, altitude are always important and this watch has all. The feature I like the most is Battery and Weather forecasting. No other smartwatch is offering this kind feature at a nominal price.  if you want to buy it. I have several that I recommend Gearbest, to grab it at $14.99.

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