NO.1 F4 Smartband Review – Stylish & Budget MultiFunctional Fitness Tracker


The improved design of the waterproof case, the improved technical characteristics and the expanded functionality due to a wide range of activity modes are just a small part of the changes that have affected the new generation of fitness trackers from NO.1. What else the model NO.1 F4 Smartband Just for $21.65, we will tell further in the review. The F4 Review Unit provided by NO.1. You can Buy From Gearbest


The product packaging is made in Black Box. The key features of the model, a snapshot of all the available colors of its case, and a QR code (barcode) for downloading a proprietary fitness application in the Google Play store or the Apple Store are displayed on its ends and back.

The front part of the box is notable for the transparent window, which makes it possible to make the first impression of the appearance of the bracelet even before it is unpacked. As for the configuration, everything is traditional: the tracker itself, the user’s manual and a USB cable with a magnetic head for recharging.

Design and Functional Elements

Two magnetic charging contacts are located on the rear plastic side of the main module NO.1 F4 Smartband next to the heart rate sensor unit. The module is removable, although, looking at the gadget with the naked eye, you will never guess – in the strap, it sits like a glove. The transparent glossy plastic of its front panel is rounded to the ends – it looks great and convenient to use. The only drawback of the material – the possibility of scratches and cracks in inaccurate treatment.

But for what it is not necessary to worry the user, it is for the safety of NO.1 F4 Smartband in conditions of bad weather conditions. The tested model is not afraid of moisture, you can not only not take it off while washing your hands, but take it with you to the pool or shower.

Housing NO.1 F4 Smartband is protected from water and dust in accordance with the IP68 standard, which allows you to dive with it to a depth of 1.5 m for half an hour. And the assembly with such declared water capabilities, I note, did not disappoint – no seams and gaps. The water test is passed to the “excellent” bracelet.

Dynamic appearance of NO.1 F4 Smartband completes removable two-color straps from high-temperature polyurethane of four colors: black-red, black-gray, black-blue and black-and-green, as we have on the test. This combination allows you to wear a gadget both with clothes of business style and with sports things. Pleased with the abundance of holes on the bracelet – you can put on even the thinnest hand. But the length of the strap is small – 23 cm on a very wide wrist may not be enough.

Display & Control

The information is displayed on a 0.96-inch OLED screen. The reserve of its brightness is average and it cannot be regulated. To disassemble the output data under direct sunlight, the display should be covered by a hand. NO.1 F4 Smartband supports automatic turning on the screen when you rotate your hand. Navigation through the menu of the device is carried out using a touchpad located below the display. It is convenient to use it since it is quite wide plus supports recognition of touches with wet hands.

There are no mechanical buttons on the case. To select the desired section of the main menu, just press the touch key once to select any of the sub-sections – to hold the finger on it for 2 seconds. A longer press will return the user to the previous menu.

Hardware Stuffing & Communication Capabilities

NO.1 F4 Smartband is equipped with the nRF51822 chip from Nordic Semiconductor. It includes a 2.4GHz radio block compatible with nRF24L01, ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller core, 256 KB of internal flash memory and 16 KB of RAM. This “iron bundle” is more than enough for the fast and smooth operation of the interface – there is complete order.

The set of sensors NO.1 F4 Smartband is represented by the pulse meter and accelerometer MC3413-P, and Bluetooth 4.0 is installed from the wireless modules on the device. Its activation, as well as the launch of the proprietary utility Fun, Do Pro, previously downloaded from the app store Google Play or Apple Store, allows you to synchronize the bracelet with any smartphone based on Android 4.4+ or iOS 9.0+.

Interface and Features

About all functional possibilities of NO.1 F4 Smartband, in fact, you can learn from its “Main Menu”. It is available in English only and consists of 7 sections: Health, Messaging, Training, External Environment, Clock, Settings, and Weather. Going to the section “Health”, the user can measure the heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level in the blood. As for the correctness of the data, the pulse is measured accurately, the pressure is a difference with the tonometer, oxygen is the “average temperature in the hospital.”

Control changes in these indicators over time can only be after synchronizing the bracelet with the smartphone. In practice, the connection between the gadgets was interrupted not often, but this fact was. The bracelet notifies the user of this by an overblown Bluetooth icon. In addition to information about the health status of the cardiovascular system, the user also stores data on his physical activity: distance traveled, the number of steps taken and calories burned, the goals achieved, the level of activity in general for the day. The pedometer works relatively well. With the Xiaomi Mi Band, the difference was 10-15%. Yes, often simple hand movements NO.1 F4 Smartband took for the past steps, which, of course, should not be forgotten when analyzing the overall statistics.

In conjunction with the mobile device, according to the manufacturer, the bracelet should also show the level of ultraviolet radiation, altitude, atmospheric pressure and air temperature, but so far the device does not know how to get such data from a smartphone. To date, the model has not developed and with monitoring the user’s sleep. Let’s hope that with the update of the proprietary utility, as it often happens, all problems will be eliminated and NO.1 F4 Smartband will work at full power.

Regarding the training regimes, they are in NO.1 F4 Smartband 8: running, cycling, basketball, swimming, badminton, climbing the mountain, football, and table tennis. All the data that a person can see on a bracelet, by activating one of them, is the time elapsed since the workout (the “start” must be manually started), the current pulse and the number of calories burned. Curiously, the number of training regimens specified in the fitness tracker and in the company application is different. Accordingly, detailed data on the smartphone can be viewed far from all types of training, but those that are available, you can share with your friends in the most popular social networks to date. All that is related to GPS – information is taken from the smartphone.

From the program Fun Do Pro, you can set the heart rate interval, reminders to warm up and drink water, set the alarm, activate the mode do not disturb. About notifications about incoming calls, SMS and messages from various social networks, the bracelet signals the user with vibration. In addition, the name and number of the caller are displayed on his screen.


One full charge of the NO.1 F4 Smartband battery with a capacity of 130 mAh on average is enough for a week of active use. Recharging from 0% to 100% takes about 2 hours.


Well, even despite the dampness of the firmware, which limits the NO.1 F4 Smartband functionality announced by the manufacturer, this fitness tracker, costing only $ 17.99, looks clearly preferable to most competitors from China in its price range. Firstly, thanks to the availability, although not ideal for sunny weather, but still OLED-display. Secondly, thanks to a modern design, suitable for both classic and sports style. Thirdly, by protecting the body from water and dust. Well, in the fourth, the correct implementation of the main functions: pulse measurement, counting steps, displaying notifications of incoming calls and SMS.

The rest of the functionality of the smart tracker is sure to be improved and expanded with the release of the firmware update. And for sure, over time, the utility Fun Do Pro, like the program-competitors, will turn into a full-fledged data analyzer, will become a built-in trainer and an intelligent nutritionist. So about buying NO.1 F4 Smartband is worth thinking about right now. The F4 Review Unit provided by NO.1. You can Buy From Gearbest to use coupon code: NO1F4BB at 19.99usd.


  • Qualitative assembly;
  • Attractive design;
  • Protection against water and dust according to IP68;
  • Ability to replace the strap;
  • OLED screen;
  • Good autonomy;
  • A fairly accurate count of steps and calories;
  • Heart rate and blood pressure sensor.



  • No GPS sensor;
  • Limited functional design of the application;
  • No automatic workout recognition




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