NO.1 F5 SmartWatch-Best Selling Smartwatch-Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


We are introducing today that Chinese No.1 is working on a new smartwatch during this period, a model known as No.1 F5 Smartwatch that will be commercially launched in November. The clock now adopts a sporty look seems that it will not be bad at all at all. It comes in a color version with black and red inserts, but other attractive colors will certainly be available.The NO.1 is far from being a big company in the sector, but it is certainly one of the most important in the segment of wearables at low prices. No other brand offers so much variety or possibilities.


Well, this NO.1 F5 is a new smartwatch that brings us a design for people who like “outdoor”, since it is robust and able to withstand adverse situations. The screen is in color, however, you will have a “flat tire”. It should be noted that the No.1 F5, is the successor of the smartband No.1 F4, which the firm committed to a more modern and attractive design, which added a circular design and sporty style, compared to its predecessor that had a rectangular design.


The NO.1 F5 comes with a feature that many want but can only be found on expensive models like the Samsung Gear series and that is GPS. The No.1 F5 equipped a built-in GPS receiver that is essential to those who do a lot of outdoor sporting activities. It also comes with real-time temperature and height recording. The company claims the battery which is IP67 certified, has a standby time of 25 days. Whether you sweat a lot or when taking a shower, it is okay to wear it.and will have a range of 25 days on standby, that is, 3 to 4 days normal use.


No.1 F5 Smartwatch also offers a temperature sensor that measures real-time, a pressure sensor, and an altimeter to find out the height. For the moment, we do not have any further details about this smartwatch.No.1 F5 Smartwatch is now Available for sale at at $44.99 using Coupon Code: NO1F5


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