Nokia 9 Appeared: Five Rear Cameras, Snapdragon 888 Plus


Recently, there is also news that Nokia will release a new generation of Nokia 9, and the relevant information of the phone has been confirmed, So let’s take a look with the brand new Nokia 9 will look like this time.  Nokia 9 will adopt a brand-new exterior design scheme. In the front design of the new phone, Nokia9 adopts the non-curved screen design that everyone currently likes most, which also makes the front screen ratio of the new phone more obvious. On the screen parameters that everyone cares about most, Nokia9 uses a 2K 120Hz refresh screen, which also enables users to get a better experience in daily use.

In the back design of the new phone, Nokia 9 will use a five-camera combination arranged in a ring, which makes the visual effect of the new phone very good. The feeling is also very good. In terms of the overall design of the new phone, Nokia9 continues Nokia’s family design, but with more optimizations in this version, the overall effect becomes even more stunning.

Nokia 9 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor from Qualcomm, the performance of this processor is also very powerful, while the new machine supports 5G network functions. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, Nokia9 will start with a 12GB+128GB memory combination, and the new phone will have a maximum of 12GB+512GB memory combination. This memory combination also meets the vast majority of users’ needs. .

In the camera combination of the new phone, the Nokia 9 will be equipped with a single 100 Megapixel plus a single 12 Megapixel plus a single 20 Mega pixel plus a single 12 Megapixel plus a single 20 Megapixel five-camera combination. On the front camera of the phone, the new phone is equipped with a single 20 million pixel front camera. In terms of other configurations of the new phone, Nokia 9 will support fingerprint recognition, wireless charging, fast charging, facial recognition, NFC and other functions. These functions are also the most mainstream configuration in the mobile phone market at present, which can meet the vast majority of user needs.

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The brand new Nokia 9 will be officially launched at the end of this year. However, since multiple exposures have ended in error, we are still not optimistic about the release of Nokia9. If we really love Nokia The mobile phone may as well buy a feature phone to support it. In terms of price, although the performance of Nokia 9 is average, the pricing logic is not general at all. The starting price of the new Nokia9 may be 5999 yuan, but the final price of the new phone will not be known until the new phone is released. At present, there is only so much news about Nokia9.

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