Nokia N95 Concept: 2 inch Secondary Screen, Zeiss 5 Camera


Nokia’s industrial design capabilities in mobile phones are still very strong, but after failing to bet on the operating system, Nokia’s mobile phones fell into a slump, and since then they have deviated from the mainstream direction of mobile phone design. Although Nokia mobile phones have gradually become unfamiliar to consumers, there are still many classic models that have been passed down by consumers, such as the Nokia N95, which is known as a classic mobile phone. What would it look like if the Nokia N95 adopted a brand-new design? Foreign media has produced a set of rendering designs of Nokia’s new N95, let’s enjoy it together.

The design of Nokia’s new N95 should be more radical than the design of many domestic mobile phones. For example, an additional secondary screen is added to the back of the fuselage, which makes many consumers feel incredible. Designing the secondary screen on the back of the fuselage is not a patent of Nokia, but the new Nokia N95 obviously handles the camera module and secondary screen better, because the secondary screen and camera module of the new Nokia N95 are as flat as the back of the fuselage. There is no phenomenon that the secondary screen and the camera module are higher.

The screen design of Nokia’s new N95 can be said to be basically similar to the design of current mainstream mobile phones. The screen uses AMOLED flexible micro-curved screen, the screen will use Samsung’s latest E6 luminescent material, and the front camera uses screen punching. Design scheme. In addition, the screen resolution of the new Nokia N95 will reach a 2K level, and the screen refresh rate will also be upgraded to 144 Hz. In general, the display effect of the new Nokia N95 is very good.

As Nokia’s flagship model this time, Nokia’s new N95 is of course unlikely to be bad in terms of configuration. For example, Nokia will cooperate with Qualcomm to be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888Plus processor. At the same time, there will be a 12GB+1TB configuration. In addition, Nokia’s new battery capacity of the N95 will be upgraded to 5000 mAh, support wired 90W fast charging and wireless 45W fast charging, and support reverse wireless charging technology. These technologies can be said to directly bring Nokia’s new N95 to the first echelon level of flagship mobile phones, which is a standard top flagship mobile phone.

Nokia has been cooperating with Zeiss lenses many years ago, and the released mobile phones have been tuned by Zeiss Optics. This time, Nokia’s new N95 is no exception, and the camera module has also been tuned by Zeiss Optics. This time, the new Nokia N95 is equipped with a 2-inch secondary screen, which can normally display exactly the same information as the front screen. Secondly, the new Nokia N95 is equipped with a camera module with five lenses, and the three large-size lenses each have 50 million pixels. A wide-angle lens, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 50-megapixel telephoto lens, and the other two small-size lenses are a 13-megapixel black and white lens and a 16-megapixel portrait lens.

This time, Nokia’s new N95 will also add ceramic calcined body material to the body material. This is exactly the same as the ideas of many mobile phone manufacturers. The high-end models are matched with high-end materials, making the new Nokia N95 look very high-end in general. Thereby increasing competitiveness. In fact, Nokia’s current mind is completely not in the mobile phone business. If Nokia really makes a little effort to release high-end flagship mobile phones, relying on the weight of the Nokia brand in the minds of consumers, it will still sell again. So if Nokia’s new N95 is released, consumers will still pay.

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