Nokia New Phone Concept: Waterfall Screen, Look Like Mi Mix 4


A set of Nokia’s new Concept Phone were exposed. The renderings show that Nokia Concept Phone will use a screen with a high screen ratio, a certain width at the top, an integrated front camera and various sensors, but the bottom edge is ultra-narrow. Moreover, Nokia’s new machine will use a hyperbolic screen with a large curvature.   Nokia Concept Phone adopts a very square design. At first glance, it will give people the illusion that this is Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi will officially release the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 in the near future. And Nokia’s new set of renderings, just in line with the expectations for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. However, back to the back of the phone, the Zeiss logo with a prominent camera position instantly makes people understand that this is a Nokia phone. Nokia Concept Phone will have six rear camera cameras, in which the round frame area is five cameras, in the left flash area on the back, and a camera. Not surprisingly, the camera in the flash area will be a ToF lens, and the camera-specific parameters in the circular frame area are currently unknown.

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Nokia has released a mobile phone with a rear-mounted five-shot phone, so it’s no surprise that a rear-mounted six-camera phone is available. Finally, the phone is currently only a rendering of the rendering, the specific configuration information is very small.

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