Nokia’s Two Flagships Are Exposed, Nokia 9 Determines The Rear Five Shots


Well, Apple‘s new iPhone conference has passed. After everyone’s “surprise” is over, it is the turn of other manufacturers to show new performances. Nokia’s new flagship, which has been exposed recently, continued to show off 5 camera shots last week. After we saw everyone’s suspected positive panel, it was leaked. It seems that this new flagship with Nordic design should be officially released. It is not far away.

It may be that the explosives are explosively addictive. Today, it is said that it will be the front panel of Nokia 9. In line with past rumors, the above-mentioned Nokia 9 front panel confirmed that the new machine is equipped with a 18:9 ratio full screen. It is worthy of the promise that this new flagship has not moved closer to phone, but instead adopted Similar to the Galaxy S9’s comprehensive screen design, the screen ratio is reduced by shortening the chin, and the overall look is not inconsistent. It is worth mentioning that the screen of the new phone has a curved effect on the left and right sides. It seems that Nokia 9 will indeed configure the curved screen!

In addition, we also see that the front of Nokia 9 still maintains Nokia’s strong design style. In addition to the single self-timer lens, the Nokia logo is still on the right side, which is the most careless design of the Noble. To compare the back design of the Nokia 9 that was exposed earlier, we can see that the length and width of the front panel that appeared today are quite consistent. It seems that this time it is really stable, Nokia’s new flagship does not use phone!

According to earlier news, Nokia is preparing to launch two new flagships with Snapdragon 845 processors, a large screen and a small screen, all using OLED screen materials. It is reported that the two new phones will use double glass material with metal middle frame design, equipped with screen fingerprint technology and 5 lens. There are indications that Nokia’s five ZEISS-certified lenses will be equipped with Light camera technology, and that the ultra-expected Pureview camera technology will return, adding to the new flagship machine, it is necessary to get back everyone’s attention.

On the other side, Nuoji also broke the front panel of the Nokia X7. Like the Nokia 9, we saw the Nokia logo on the top right corner of the new exposed panel. It also features a 18:9 ratio full screen, narrower and narrower bangs. However, according to Victor’s estimation, the above exposure map should show Nokia 7.1 Plus instead of Nokia X7. After all, the X series currently launched for the Chinese market all adopt the popular phone, and get quite good response in the local area.

According to rumors, Nokia X7 should continue to use Notch and carry Snapdragon 710 processor attack, I wonder if it will grow like the picture design? This is for everyone to continue to look forward to!

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Nokia has not announced when there will be a new product launch. According to the current exposure rhythm, we expect that the official will soon have a big move. Will Nokia’s new flagship officially debut at the end of this month or in October? Please continue to stay with VTECH follow-up reports, we will be the first time to send you the latest news.

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