Nomu S30 Mini Price Reduction Is Under Way On eBay Only Sold At $139.99


Nomu, the Chinese manufacturer of super-resistant smartphones. The dream of a waterproof and shockproof smartphone can become real today. Especially for the Nomu S30 mini price reduction is underway on eBay in Germany and Ebay in Italy, sold only $139.99. It is a Nomu’s authorized store and this a good news for who want a business phone with strong body and performance and it perfectly matches to your personality.

The Nomu S30 mini looks very similar to its big brother at first glance. At second glance, you can see the differences. The nearly 144 x 74 x 12.6 mm thick and around 200-gram smartphone is a true-to-life outdoor smartphone, but it is just different on the front of the S30. cards and use them both from one phone.

Technically, the almost has little similarities. After all, the robust housing is certified to IP68 and does not require any disruptive protective caps. So S30 mini is a superior rugged phone. It is 1.2m drop-resistant, which is essential for this kind of phone. IP68 waterproof and even the plug-free USB port is so. This not only avoids the damage of accidental water immersion but also brings more possibilities for your life, for example, you can feel free to do wonderful undersea activities. Nomu S30 mini comes with a wealth of business characteristics Classic color and stylish cover pattern makes it look luxurious.

NOMU has selected MediaTek as the SoC vendor of choice, with the S30 mini packing a MediaTek MT6737T 64-bit SoC which includes a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz. The phone also features 3GB of RAM which should be adequate for most users who do some light multitasking. For basic tasks like web browsing and hopping in and out of apps, the mini managed to cope fairly well. And 32 GB of memory is well qualified for a number of office data and files. Is it worth buying the Nomu S30 mini as an outdoor smartphone with Android 7.0 greatly facilitates the user’s work for its lightning speed with this perfect configuration.

The Nomu S30 mini features an 8MP camera on the back, which can use a Sony IMX219 with autofocus. The selfie cam on the front has to manage with 2MP. The picture quality is okay, but sharpness and details are rather low.

You can buy Nomu S30 Mini to eBay for just $139.99. Be aware that the price will back to the initial one in the near future. So when this outstanding rugged & business smartphone meets discount, this is definitely your lucky chance if you are expecting it so long. And for businessmen who are eager to liberate your office life, you gotta have a look at it for it will bring surprise to your life. Check it on eBay in Germany and Ebay in ItalyIf you want to know more about this superior phone so kindly visit the Nomu’s official website.



  1. S30 really has a huge battery. last weekend, our family went camping together, and i forgot bringing my charge cable. I thought it would be a problem, but it proved that i concerned too much. The battery is totally enough for these two days.

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