Nomu T18, A Newly-Designed Rugged Smartphone Will Be Released Soon


Nomu as one of the most well-known rugged smartphones have specialized in rugged phones for about 10 years. In order to create more excellent rugged phones for more choices for users, Nomu has leaked the news that they will make a better rugged new phone. It is Nomu T18.

Recall Nomu current rugged phones, Nonu S10, S30, S30 Mini, they all have been remembered by users for its high quality and high performance and lightweight.  So what will new rugged phone, Nomu T18 bring us? It is a new one after Nomu S30 mini in presale now. According to latest news, Nomu T18 will come  with a removable built-out camera and support Walkie-Talkie function, it has made breakthrough on newly-designed rugged phones.

Nomu T18 will also support IP68 waterproof, dustproof and drop proof function. Its IP68 function has been certified by MIL-STD-810G ( American Military Standard) for its super tough design. Nomu said T18 will be released soon. When we are waiting for more details about Nomu T18, you can still join Nomu S30 mini big activity from July 24th  to Aug 5th. Stay tuned.



  1. Fantastic rugged phone. Arrived very quickly. I was totally attracted by
    the walkie-talkie function as soon as I received it. And I have tested
    it with other walkie-talkie to see if it’s ok. And the result is satisfying.

  2. This fully rugged smartphone features an IP68 design which makes our phone resistant to water, drops, and bumps. Thanks to this, i will be able to carry it along anywhere go and use it in any type of environment.

  3. I bought NOMU T18 last month. It’s amazing! Definitely the most
    practical phone I’ve ever had. I love the external camera most. Somehow
    I read some bad reviews about it, said it’s a stealthie tool. That’s
    ridiculous as it has so big body, and has a wire connected to the phone.
    So visible. It’s nonsense for stealthie!

  4. Love its excellent tri-proof capacity, and also love its NFC function. I
    go out a lot, it’s troublesome to take many stuff, like money, payment
    card, etc. This phone is great as it frees me of those messy stuff and
    withstands rain and mud.

  5. For a long time, rugged phone has been recognized as heaviness and
    ugliness. But I don’t see any on this phone. The appearance is very cool
    and unique. And its NFC, OTG, fingerprint unlock, walkie-talkie provide
    a easier and more convenient user experience to me. And I’m also very
    satisfied with its drop-proof and water-proof function.

  6. he screen is very sensitive. Wet finger can work on it, even I wear
    glove, it’s still ok. In terms of this, it’s much better than my old
    phone, BV8000 Pro. And the drop-resistant ability is also better than
    BV8000 Pro. It got little damage after I dropped it for many times.

  7. The first feature of the Nomu T18 will be the ability to connect an external digital camera. The second feature is the possibility of working as a walkie-talkie, that is, a walkie-talkie.

  8. #Nomu #T18 Thoughtful accessories allows one T18 to perform the tasks of
    Antenna = a mini walkie-talkie
    External camera = a mini camera
    Hand strap = a safe trip
    Go outside and get yourself equipped, enough with one T18. Easy to
    travel! Convenient to work!

  9. The battery is so big, the service time is usually over one day after
    full charge. I’m very happy with that. Most phones with 3000mAh battery
    don’t last for a day for heavy users like me. Thought the body of Nomu
    T18 is a little thick, but it matters little with 5200mAh big battery.
    for T18

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