NOMU T18: Multifunctional Use of Smartphone External Camera


The smartphone NOMU T18 stands out for its aggressive and fashionable appearance. Users especially attracted his additional external camera. Therefore, the developers recorded a video, that shows how convenient it’s to use this camera in the standard of living. you ought to see this.

Although the terminal features a rear camera, through magnetic pins we can attach an external camera, which gives us freedom and access to the record in areas where we couldn’t use the smartphone. This camera is more designed for professional use, having the ability to record or retransmit live and direct what we do, but it can even be used as if it were a small sports camera to be used when we go by bicycle or make some video of the purest Unboxing or cooking style.

As you’ll see, the external camera of the protected smartphone NOMU T18 permits you to shoot cooking lessons, progress on guitar playing or to take nice pictures of nature completely without hands – simply attach it to the right place and do what you like.In addition, the camera will open new boundaries for owners of pets and animals. A miniature camera is often attached to your dog’s clothes and sees the world through her eyes. Believe me, this is often an unforgettable expertise and impressions.

Nomu T18 received the hardware functionality of the intercom. The radio works at a distance of up to 5 km. The device is protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the characteristics of the degree of IP68, the case is protected in accordance with the specifications of the US military standard MIL-STD810G. The smartphone runs Android 7.0, MT6737T is the one-chip system, the display diagonal is 4.7 inches at 1280 x 710 pixels. The screen is covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The amount of operative and flash memory is 3GB and 32GB respectively. The battery capacity is 5200 mAh. The main camera has a resolution of 8MP, the front camera allows you to take pictures up to 2MPresolution. The device is equipped with Wi-Fi, NFC modules and a fi, fingerprint sensor.

For everyone who liked the NOMU T18 and its external camera, there is great news – in the store, Gearbest started an excellent promotion for this device. Do not miss your chance. For more information about the new product, visit the official NOMU website.



  1. Really, NOMU T18 is an excellent phone. I bought it last month when it goes public for a little while, and it costed about $300. Now it only costs about $200. It’s a pity, but I don’t regret to buy it as it brings so much convenience to my life. For guys who have crush on this phone, it’s a great time to buy it.

  2. My work environment is not good, and this phone is perfect for me. My workmate has already bought it. It has very strong drop-proof and water-proof functions. I believe it will be durable and have longer service life.

  3. Happy with my phone. Really durable of the battery. This is very important in winter, as most phones has shorter battery service time than it in summer, just like my old phone. Very satisfied with this deal.

  4. First, the delivery speed is very fast. It surprised me when I opened the box. Cool appearance, clean system, few factory software, so that I didn’t need to uninstall unnecessary software. The next is the good battery performance, 49% electricity, only consumes 1% for the first night. What a surprise! Haven’t tested the rugged function, but think it okay considering the exquisite workmanship.

  5. Very stylish, I want to buy it, but one thing I’m worried, the drop-proof ability, which I guess is not good as my NOMU S10 Pro. But actually I don’t mind. How much is it?

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