Not only no Mi 13S! A cheaper Mi 13 series Dimensity version is also out of the question


Last year, Xiaomi released a half-generation upgrade to the S-Series alongside the 12-series, which features the Snapdragon 8+, which is more stable, and Leica video, which has been praised for being excellent.

Many netizens had been expecting the Mi 13 series to launch an S version, but now the hope has been disappointed, Lei Jun has personally publicly said: “Mi 13 currently has no plans to do a half-generation upgrade version, you don’t have to wait for Mi 13S.”

In fact, this is also very easy to understand, because the launch of Mi 12 S series is limited by Snapdragon 8 restrictions, put on Taiwan Semiconductor Snapdragon 8+ experience will be significantly upgraded, and this year’s second generation of Snapdragon 8 performance does not need such a half generation upgrade.

It should be noted that according to the latest leaks, not only is the Mi 13S gone, this time there is no chance of a Guet version of the Mi 13.

Blogger Digital chat site said that the second half of last year, the Xiaomi 13 Guet version has been shelved, so far no movement, almost certainly will not be pushed forward.

This makes many users more regretful, because last year’s MI 12 Pro Dimensity version in the price advantage is obvious, and the specifications to reduce the photo, increase the battery, for many users more practical.

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During last year’s Singles Day, the MI 12 Pro Dimensity 12+256G top cost less than 3,000 yuan, but it offers the same performance as the Snapdragon 8+, and even a better running score.


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