Now Play The Biggest Lucky Squared Game 11.11 Sale On Gearbest


As every year in China will host the event on 11.11, a real Black Friday Chinese with discounts, offers, and amazing promotions! And of course, GearBest could not be less with lots of special offers throughout the month of November.With this article, we will guide you through this month of discounts bringing you the best deals GearBest of the event and much more! But let’s see first how you play: you can follow 6 step to participate in this game.

GearBest has decided to join the event 11.11.2017 Lucky Squared Game is on that on but obviously the best deals will there be on the international site.On in fact, the event will be divided into 3 tranches during the whole of November and in addition to the offerings, there will also be: 

At the same time on, there will be many offers DeadLine On 11/11/2017 with waves of daily discounted products.Also on GearBest Italy you can play to win prizes and coupons from this link, but do not forget to always keep an eye on the flash deals here:

As said, the first tranche will carry a prize game in which you can win products or coupons highly advantageous.To participate in the game follow this link (while on GearBest Italy of this page) and try your luck: each attempt will cost one of the points that you have accumulated as explained in the section “Game Rules” of the page.In addition to this, however, there will be various offerings by going to this page such as:

You can play exciting games in which you can get discount coupons on the product you want to buy. At first, you have to log in to Gearbest account. Each customer will have three possibilities to take the gift box. If you want an extra chance, then you have to share information on the social media. So, share more to win more. Gearbest has previously declared that they will come with numerous products with unbelievable discounts.

In these days, instead, there will be the main offerings of the event on so many of the products.Finally, throughout the period during which it will be possible to participate in another game that will constantly prize very much sought after.With the Lucky Squared Game Gearbest on 11.11, you can use your points to try your luck. The first product in the palio, for example, is a TV Box 6K.


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