Nubia Z11 Design, UI, Features, Hardware, Battery, Camera Review


Nubia yesterday released the latest flagship smartphone, Nubia Z11 smartphone, which is the other borderless one with more exquisite design, stronger camera and more excellent battery life and more powerful hardware. Nubia Z11 has made the other breakthrough to some degree. So how is the Nubia Z11?



Nubia Z11 uses aRC 2.0 borderless new technology, which has made improvement according to the last generation. The most obvious part is the 2.5D curved screen becoming much thinner. And Nubia Z11 uses FiT 2.0 edge touch screen technology which can unilaterally slide to launch or switch the APP,  bilaterally slide to adjust screen brightness,  inward slide switch desktop, double-click to be back, repeatedly sliding clear background, after we are familiar with these operation, it will save much time to operate the phone. Nubia Z11 only has 72.3mm width, 5.5inch FHD IPS screen, 500nit brightness, 96% color saturation, 81% screen to body ratio, so when we use the phone to watch videos, we feel cool because of borderless screen, we can be addicted to the screen completely.



This time Nubia Z11 uses metal body to protect its 2.5D arc screen better. And the fingerprint ID is on the back. It support USB Type C port for quick charge and more convenient operation. We can hold it in one hand very comfortably, we believe this is the best bezel-less smartphone until now.


UI and Features


Split Screen and Application


Split Screen Interface


nubia UI 4.0 Interface and Long screenshot function 


Lock Screen Wallpaper

Nubia Z11 smartphone runs its new Nubia UI 4.0 OS based on Android 6.0.1, the overall interface has continued Nubia smartphones’. In design of UI, Nubia UI 4.0 pay more attention to practical features and remove the redundant elements.

In daily use, split screen has become more and more important, Nubia Z11 has different split screen function from other smartphones. It can realize whole split screen, no matter what interface, it can reach the split screen anytime. Meanwhile, Nubia Z11 can support split application, which can duplicate the same software like QQ, Wechat, etc. This kind of features make us enjoy the functions like MIUI 8.

Nubia Z11 can support super screenshot such as long screenshot, free screenshot, record screenshot function, which can record the content of the screen freely and then share to SNS.  Meanwhile, it runs Nubia UI 4.0 to add some nice features like lock pictures, nubia GPS global traffic and new FiT 2.0 interaction technology.



NeoVision 6.0 Interface Settings

Nubia Z11 smartphone is also well-known for camera, this time it has not only updated NeoVision 6.0 version, but also increased OIS function. Nubia Z11 uses 16MP IMX298 Rear camera and 8MP front camera, PDAF and electronic and OIS functions.


Nubia Camera Family

In NeoVision 6.0, nubia phones combined the photographing with entertainment well. It keeps the funny photographing modes such as light painting, orbital, clone camera and so on. And its shooting speed has also been improved by PDAF and OIS function. There are samples outdoors of Nubia Z11 camera.



In night mode, we choose to taking pictures outdoor and indoors. NeoVision 6.0 3D imaging techniques can rise to control pixel dots reduction and LTM technology can achieve to keep more image details.


Battery and Performance

Nubia Z11 is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, it has RAM 6GB ROM 128GB advanced version and RAM 4GB ROM 64GB standard version, we test this RAM 4GB one. It has introduced Qualcomm TruSignal Antenna Boost technology in Snapdragon 820 processor which can integrate high-end performance, low power consumption, large storage and high-quality Phone Call.


Antutu Test


Antutu  and Geekbench 3  Test score


In Master Lu, Nubia z11 ranks first in Le max 2, galaxy s7, Huawei MATE 8, Meizu pro 5, 360 N4, Huawei p9 plus.

Thanks to X12 LTE Modem in Snapdragon 820 processor, it can support netcom 3.0, 4G+, VoLTE technology. Let’s see the Antutu Test of Nubia Z11.

Although the Antutu score is not outstanding, When we test GeekBench 3 and Master Lu, especially Master Lu, it has up to 60,000 scores. By the way, we test the RAM 4GB smartphone. So it will be higher to test RAM 6GB version later.


Antutu video test

For RAM 4GB ROM 64GB version, it’s normal about the test score in AndroBench. And it can run the games like Subway Surfers and Riptide GP2.  Nubia Z11 still continues to use NeoPower 2.0 technology. And it has 3,000mAh battery. When we test the battery, we watch 720p video for half an hour, it has consumed 8% power, when we play Subway Surfers and Riptide GP2, it didn’t consume very, so we can use it in a day for one time charging under mid–range or heavy use.


Vellamo and AndroBench


                   Subway Surfers 


Riptide GP2

Nubia Z11 also uses Nubia 3.0 Quick charge, so we can charge 10% power in average in each 10 minutes.



Nubia Z11 not only attract us by its borderless screen, but also the battery life, NeoPower 2.0 conception, quick charge 3.0 technology, FiT2.0 technology and its dual camera which can compare with those SLR camera. Right now it has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB standard version at 2499 yuan, $416, and RAM 6GB ROM 128GB advanced version at 3499 yuan, $586. You can have a try and they will start to sell officially on July 6.


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