Nubia Z11 Max features 6inch Screen, 4000mAh Battery


Nubia has announced  ZTE Grand Max 2 smartphone to work in US, which is good news for most American users and it’s also considered as a phablet. However, the sub brand, Nubia is confirmed to release Nubia Z11 MAX on June 7 which claims to become the killer of Xiaomi Mi max. Because they have similar configuration and focus on large screen, Snapdragon 652 processor, RAM 4GB.


Recently, Nubia shared the battery life for its users, it will come with 4,000mAh battery.  It has compared with Huawei Mate 8 and Oppo R9 in their battery. According to 9 test, Nubia Z11 Max has ranked the first in music playing, game playing, photo taking, and wechat using, etc, only  it fell behind Oppo R9 in installing APK. It can support 21.6 hours music playing, 10 hours game playing and 7.9 hours photo taking. It has fully proved Nubia Z11 MAX will be much powerful in its battery life and hardware.


Meanwhile, thanks to SuperAMOLED screen, dual camera, they make Nubia Z11 MAX performs well, When we see the photo, the screen to body ratio is up to 83.27% to show the large screen. And it also has three colors, Gold, grey and silver. So what do you expect most about  Nubia Z11 MAX.



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