Nubia Z17S VS Nubia Z17 miniS Design, Antutu, UI, Camera Review (Coupon Included)


ZTE Nubia has finally expanded its smartphone family with not one but two smartphones namely, Nubia Z17S and Nubia Z17 miniS . Everyone was just waiting for the company to launch Nubia Z17S, Nubia Z17 miniS came out as a surprise from the company. Here we presenting Nubia Z17S, Nubia Z17 miniS  contrast map tours a comprehensive screen and non-comprehensive screen of the collision, we come to talk about these two products in the System UI experience and camera part of the specific performance.

As per the design is concerned, both devices offer state of the art full glass uni-body design with Aluminum mid-frame for the structural rigidity. These smartphones will be available different color shades like Blue, Black, and Gold. As a flagship mobile phone, high-performance, spot, four-camera, full screen, narrow border these some of the points, Nubia have, then it really perfect? Today’s evaluation may have finished reading you have the answer.

We still have to look back at the two hardware parameters
First Design

In terms of thickness and weight, Nubia Z17S Mini more dominant, 7.6mm body than the Z17S 8.5mm thin 0.9mm, 155g weight Z17S 170g lighter than the 15g. Another detail is that although the two products are used with a curved surface of the glass back cover, it is commendable that the edge of the glass and CNC metal trimming of the convergence is very smooth, we have no gap in the hands of these two problems.


ZTE Nubia Z17S smartphone features a smart 5.73 inch LTPS Display, while the mini version ZTE Nubia Z17 miniS  has come up with a beautiful 5.2 inch IPS Display. Needless to say, that the mini version is definitely a treat for the eyes with an eye-catching 3D Glass Back. On the other hand, Nubia Z17S comes with a much desired Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Screen Protection.

The Nubia Z17S uses a 17 to 9 ratio of the full screen, is not the common ratio of 18 to 9 (Xiaomi had to lament the progress of science and technology, 18 to 9 has become common), due to Z17S vertical resolution For the 2040, compared to the standard 1920 pixels and more display a row of navigation bar. In the APP compared to their own Nubia Z17 miniS , the contents of the display are the same, the full screen 2.1 did not let Z17S show more information flow.

At the same time, Nubia Z17S Smartphone is powered by a powerful Snapdragon 835 Processor. It is an Android with Adreno 540 GPU from the house of ZTE. The former and the bigger of the two comes in a mind-blowing 6GB RAM with 64GB ROM and another 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM variants. The Nubia Z17 miniS comes with an equally smart Snapdragon 653 SoC Processor. it comes in a 6GB RAM model with a superb 64GB Inbuilt Memory.

The first is the two products, fingerprint identification key position is very different, Nubia Z17 miniS fingerprint identification and “Little Red Circle” into one, in the middle of the button painted a “Little Red Circle” The The Z17S because of a comprehensive screen reasons, only the fingerprint recognition module on the back, but this position most people can easily enough, will not affect the normal and practical.

In the multi-core scheduling mechanism, the daily operation, Z17S Snapdragon 835 most of the time to small nuclear-based nuclear supplement, the king of glory did not join the high frame rate mode, enter the game system will automatically open the game mode, the system will optimize for the game environment to ensure efficient operation of the game. As the rapid increase in body temperature, 8 core is fully open to see the main look at the temperature Shashi Hou down, but regardless of the game or lightweight applications, fluency relative or do not need to worry about.

And Nubia Z17 miniS performance to be more radical, to mobilize the core of the frequency higher than the Z17S, but also do not need to worry too much about fluency.

Gamebench software can be seen through the detection, the same is running NBA2K, Snapdragon 835 in Nubia Z17S above the stability of the whole, the whole can be stable at 60 or so, and snapdragon 653 in the Nubia Z17 miniS  on the average table can reach more than 40.

In the performance of the lightweight APP, the use of Snapdragon 835 processor Z17S did not show the advantages of high performance, after all, lightweight use, visit Jingdong brush microblogging performance and Nubia Z17 miniS little difference. Daily use, in the open application or need to quickly load, there will be a small while the 8-core fully open state, when the temperature rises, will be more selective than a few large core. Fever, after half an hour after a continuous game, both have a more obvious fever, fever is concentrated in the back Logo slightly on the location, Z17S maximum temperature of 38.8 ℃, Z17S mini 39.1 ℃.

In addition, the Nubia split-screen mode can also open two applications in the foreground display, the user can chat while chatting, while playing while chatting both sides do not delay. Open the way you only need to slide up from the bottom of the bottom of the screen, and the ratio of the left and right windows can also be set.

On the whole, the Nubia Z17S fluency is still no problem, but did not reach MIUI9 that lightning level, but also the lack of Huawei that 18 months is not the exact positioning of the card, Nubia in the publicity Or relatively real, small copy of other cannot guarantee that at least this set of practical sense of the UI is no problem. Third, the edge of the gesture can solve the big screen interactive problems?

As Z17S biggest selling point, Nubian on the full screen of the interaction is also under the effort. For the narrow frame feature of the Z17S, Nubia joins many, many edge-handling gestures, including the edge of the FIT Card, the edge of the slide/slide, the edge of the sliding, bilateral sliding, double-sided edge. From these functional points, Nubia has a lot of commonly used functions, from the traditional mode of operation to the left and right sides of the border, this is done in order to highlight the border without this selling point, but it is important, This represents Nubia’s own understanding of large-screen mobile phone interaction.

The edge of the slide can be transferred out of the side of the information card, the current system only a few functional tips, and there is no similar news aggregation card appears. The edge of the slide up and down a few custom functions, where Xiaomi recommended set to slip control center and down the notification bar, the two operations in the daily use of the frequency to be higher. Also like the edge of the slide repeatedly clean up the memory and double-click the floating ball these operations are very conducive to one-handed operation, but also to see Nubia in this area under the effort.

Here Xiaomi talks about their views, first of all when the screen is getting bigger and more complex when more and more complex, Nubia wants some of the common operation becomes more easy to use, these starting points themselves are good. But do so is too much interaction will give users additional learning and memory costs, and second, too many gestures focused on the border, will inevitably cause several false touches. Although Nubia has also joined the anti-touch algorithm, no one can guarantee to completely avoid.

Nubia did not impose these functions to the user, each one can choose whether to open, it is wiser. The user may not praise each function, but I believe there will always be one or two is more practical, even if you do not like, all off also does not hinder. Fourth, take pictures of good performance, the main variety of play.

we look at two models of camera performance, Nubia camera, as always, built a variety of rich camera mode, the entire mobile phone negative screen is their own camera applications, has become a major feature of Nubia mobile phone, But this requires the user to pay a certain amount of learning costs. For those who like to shoot on the user, the negative use of a screen is not so high, but also the user can also set it to close.

These rich photos play if you make good use, no doubt able to shoot a lot of other mobile phones cannot shoot the screen, but some small details do not really perfect, such as cloning camera, want to shoot a satisfactory picture, or need users There is a very precise matting ability, or need to improve the Nuria matting algorithm.

Nubia Z17S multiple exposures

Nubia Z17S clone

Macro mode and portrait mode some similarities, are to reflect the depth of field effect. Macro mode will be on the edge of the object recognition, and then highlight the edge of the virtual background, and the portrait mode is the name suggests is mainly optimized for the characters, but both have to identify the wrong time.

Nubia Z17S macro mode on / off
Nubia Z17S portrait mode is on / off

As for the final camera effect, the gap between the two products is mainly reflected in the different sensitivity. From the picture point of view, because the Z17S has better hardware skills, so many scenes in the screen brightness is more dominant, but compared with the iPhone8, iPhone screen contrast is higher, the screen layering better.

left Z17S, right  Nubia Z17 miniS 
left Z17S, right Nubia Z17 miniS 
left Z17S, the middle Nubia Z17 miniS , right iPhone8

Light when some of the time, Nubia no optical image stabilization of the Mishap is more obvious, although much lighter than the Nubia Z17 miniS , the extremely low light Nubia Z17 miniS  almost difficult to see things, and Z17S although the brightness is acceptable, but the noise Is also very serious, compared with the iPhone is still relatively obvious gap.

left Z17S, right Z17S mini
left Z17S, the middle Nubia Z17 miniS , right iPhone8

in the general the two products of the level of their own normal performance, the main selling point is still rich in the function of the camera play, but it does not mean that the basic quality of photography is not important to catch up with the pace or to continue, The shaking algorithm also needs to be further enhanced.

In the fast-changing mobile phone market, how to sell a good product to more consumers, this is a very test vendor problems. On the simple experience to experience, it is difficult to find these two mobile phones which large slot, Snapdragon 835 to sell 2999 yuan is already very kind of pricing, performance is not to worry about, and now rarely heard Nubia mobile phone will be out of stock, as a flagship mobile phone, high-performance, spot, four-camera, a comprehensive screen, narrow borders of these flagship machines essential quality, obviously Nubia have.

As for the Nubia Z17 miniS , the relative will be more balanced, the price of 1999 with Snapdragon 653 will be a good choice, and also have a four-camera combination, if not necessarily a full screen and the top of the hardware configuration. ZTE Nubia Z17S  just of SP: $541.99 using Coupon Inside: ZTEZ17S and ZTE Nubia Z17 miniS of SP: $368.99 using it too Coupon Inside:  ZTEZ17MNS.

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