Nubia Z18 Mini vs Meizu E3 Camera Comparison Review: Which one is Better in Camera Performance?


Nubia Z18 Mini and Meizu E3 are powerful and attractive midrange phones and if you buy one of them, you will bring home a device with great performance at a moderate price. Unfortunately, this device can actually be ordered only in Asia, so if you are from Europe or the US, you can only import it. But if you are from China they are one of the most convenient handsets you can find in the market, and this is a Camera comparison of Nubia Z18 Mini vs Meizu E3 that will try to tell you which one is best for you according to your specific needs.

If you need a beautiful smartphone, then you need to take Nubia Z18 Mini. He has a back cover made of glass, which beautifully shimmers in different colors. Meizu E3 is a smartphone with an all-metal casing. Therefore, the apparatus is more durable and resistant to falls. The Nubia Z18 Mini has a smaller body size, but higher screen resolution to the case. So the Z18 Mini has better hardware characteristics: the Snapdragon 660 chipset. But the actual performance is almost Same: the amount of RAM is the same. Cameras devices must produce the same quality of the photo. While the Nubia Z18 Mini has a wider aperture, the rival has a technology with improved autofocus. The battery capacity is almost equal, so the battery life will be the same. However, Meizu E3 supports mCharge 3.0 technology, which allows you to charge the battery by 53% in just 30 minutes

Today, we took out two of our products, the Nubia Z18 mini, and the Meizu E3 to do a Camera comparison. The two also have a certain popularity in the camera, the price is also roughly the same, use it to do a Camera comparison is appropriate. So what is the so-called Meizu flagship, the Meizu E3 is more outstanding or is it still better than the Nubia Z18 mini, which is known for its strong photographing power? Next, we show you through a series of comparative samples…

Nubia Z18 Mini vs Meizu E3: Camera

Nubia Z18 Mini

Let’s take a look at the parameters of both. First of all, in terms of the number of pixels, Nubia Z18 mini is very advantageous, its main camera is 24 MP, aperture f/1.7, not only can shoot higher brightness pictures, and details will be more abundant. Thanks to the large f/1.7 aperture, the Nubia Z18 mini can take pictures with higher brightness. In addition, Nubia added a 5-megapixel sub-camera to the Z18 mini for portrait mode shooting.

Meizu E3

Let’s look at Meizu E3, as the official eye of “Meizu E3 flagship”, Meizu E3 in the camera parameters using 12 MP + 20 MP dual camera module, the main camera with f/1.9 aperture IMX362 sensor, vice The camera uses an IMX350 sensor with a f/2.6 aperture, which not only captures good-looking photos but also supports up to 2.5 times lossless zoom.

Nubia Z18 Mini vs Meizu E3: Camera Modes

At present, most domestic mobile phones will have both normal mode and professional mode in the camera interface. So what is the difference between Nubia Z18 mini and Meizu E3 in the camera mode? We then look down.

Nubia mobile phones are often better than professional friends in the professional camera, so in the normal mode, Nubia Z18 mini more than the Meizu E3 more than the function, the most obvious is Nubia Z18 mini Supports separation of the metering point from the focus point, which was previously only available on SLR cameras and now only needs a single phone.

Nubia Z18 mini also supports three dimensions of the level, namely, vertical, horizontal and horizontal direction, while the Meizu E3 only supports the vertical and horizontal two-dimensional level, compared to the Nubia Z18 mini Not much less. It is easy to see that Nubia’s professionalism is even stronger for small white users.

Let’s look at the professional model again. First of all, from the parameter point of view, the Meizu E3 can adjust the parameters of a total of seven, while the Nubia Z18 mini simplified only four, namely the shutter speed, white balance, ISO, focus, for the user is more easy to control.

Nubia Z18 mini also has a “camera family” feature, can directly use the phone to shoot light, star tracks, as well as electronic aperture, slow gate, clone camera, macro and real-time filters and other functions, you can shoot beyond The special effects of the visual increase the camera’s playability, which is not the Meizu E3.

Nubia Z18 Mini vs Meizu E3: Camera Performance

The positioning of the two phones is roughly the same, so the pictures are very good, but there are some differences between the two. In a well-lighted environment, the Meizu E3’s picture gave me the impression that it was “a layer of faint filters.” The overall picture looked more saturated, and the performance of the Nubia Z18 mini was faithful to reality. The appearance of the proofs is not much different from that seen by the eyes.

In the more detailed scenes, Nubia Z18 mini’s 24 million pixel camera has played an absolute advantage. Zooming in on the following set of proofs, the Nubia Z18 mini performs well in the details of brick textures, LED lights and more. On the other hand, the Meizu E3 has a slightly lower pixel count of its 12-megapixel camera, so if you zoom in, the details are not obvious enough, and the entire screen glare control is not satisfactory.

Let’s look at these two sets of proofs. The difference in the color of the two mobile phones is not large, but careful observation of the highlights and LED lights at the top of the model can be seen, Nubia Z18 mini control of high light is much better than the Meizu E3, the details of the top of the model and LED lights are truly restored, compared with Meizu E3 is still a lot less.

Nubia Z18 mini uses the main camera with a f/1.7 aperture, while the Meizu E3 uses a f/1.9 main camera. Thanks to the aperture enhancement, we can take photos in the same scene and we can feel that Nubia Z18 mini’s proofs are brighter and because the Nubia Z18 mini uses a 24 MP camera, so the proofs are also better than the Meizu E3. After the proofs were enlarged to the same size, the Nubia Z18 mini’s proofs were still clear, and the proofs of the Meizu E3 had been murky.

Nubia Z18 mini also has a “camera family” feature, direct use of mobile phones can shoot time, slow doors and other special effects, increase the camera’s playability, this is the Meizu E3 does not.

Camera Performance in Low Light & Night View

Here we take a look at the quality of the two photographs in the night scene, Nubia Z18 mini’s large aperture advantage reappeared in the night scene proofs. In a scene where the light is not too complicated, we find that the Nubia Z18 mini’s screen brightness is better than the Meizu E3. And thanks to the Nubia Z18 mini also supports focus, metering point separation in the automatic mode, so the control of the screen brightness will be more in place, to avoid the situation of the screen overexposure, let us see Nubia in the camera In terms of effort.

The Nubia Z18 mini’s focus metering separation function has obvious advantages in some scenes with extremely complex ambient light. Through this set of proofs, we can see that the picture of Meizu E3 seems to be covered with a mist, and Nubia Z18mini’s proofs are still clear and glare is well controlled.

Zooming in on the proofs, the Nubia Z18 mini is also in control of color. The “face” in Meizu E3 has not been seen clearly, and the “face” character in the Nubia Z18 mini proof is still clearly visible.

Dual Camera Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays, under the flagship machine and under the entry-level machine, almost all newly launched products are equipped with dual cameras, and those with no dual camera basically won’t get everyone’s attention. Fortunately, both phones are equipped with dual-cameras of good quality. Here we look at the performance of the two by comparing the samples.

Meizu E3

First of all, from the point of view of the proofs, the two have performed well in terms of ambiguous algorithms. There are no obvious loopholes, the main body is clearly highlighted and the background is blurred naturally, and making friends circles is sufficient.

Nubia Z18 Mini

However, if we zoom in on the proofs, we can see that both have not been done in detail. For example, proofs of the Meizu E3 appear blurred on the right side, while Nubia Z18 mini’s proofs are painted on the edges of the characters, both of which have room for improvement in terms of detail. One thing worthy of praise is that the Nubia Z18 mini is more savage than the Meizu E3. This is undoubtedly a great help for the picture perception.

Nubia Z18 Mini vs Meizu E3: Front Camera

For the front camera, the Nubia Z18 mini and the Meizu E3 both use an 8-megapixel camera, and the aperture is also f/2.0. It can be said that the parameters are almost the same. In terms of beauty, the Nubia Z18 mini has an AI beauty function, and the Meizu E3 uses a beauty algorithm from RainbowSoft. Here we take a look at the camera performance of the two.

From the self-portrait proofs, Nubia Z18 mini and Meizu E3 imaging style is completely different. The proofs made by Nubia Z18 mini are superior in beauty, and the face looks smoother. I believe many Misses will like this style. The performance of Meizu E3 is biased towards nature, which is consistent with the actual environment. There is no distinction between these two styles but also depends on personal preferences.


As smartphones continue to update and iterate, camera function has gradually attracted everyone’s attention, and products with outstanding camera performance can also be welcomed by more people. The Nubia Z18 mini and the Meizu E3, which we used for comparison, performed well in photographs. We can also see that both of them have made a lot of efforts in photographing and also aimed at the actual needs of consumers. Made some optimizations.

Nubia’s advantage lies in the simplification of some professional functions, thereby enhancing the user’s camera level and professionalism. Meizu E3 allows users to have fun shooting. So who does the camera show? Still depends on what type of user you are. If you don’t have a high demand for photos and you just want to take a good photo, then Meizu E3 is a more appropriate choice. If you want to take more photo features to enrich the photo scene and make your photos look more professional, then obviously the Nubia Z18 mini is more suitable for you. We can buy Meizu E3 at $305.99 after coupon code: EBJFFRWJ  and Nubia z18 Mini at $433.01 from Geekbuying with coupon code:  CZNOPBZ at only 339.99usd for 50 units.

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