Nubia Z18 Smartphone is Coming with Full View Display 3.0


In the whole April and May, the smartphone market almost has become the top show for those large brands, different flagship brands will choose to release their own flagships. Nubia is no exception, today, Nubia smartphone general manager, and Nubia brand founder, Ni Fei claims the real screen to body ratio should be 100%, all screen on the front design. Nubia released Nubia Z17S in October, 2017, which is famous fro its 90.36% screen to body ratio. Last by not least, he hints Nubia full view display 3.0 will be released.


So what does Nubia full view display 3.0 look like? We think this new product may use top notch design, compared with 17:9 and 18:9 full view display, its top notch ratio is higher much. which will be the one of necessary solutions for smartphone to enter the way on 100% full view display. Currently, the top notch screen design is quite mature, whether in hardware cost or software optimization.

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At the beginning of April, Nubia Z18 MINI has been released, this full view display 3.0 must be used on upcoming flagship, Nubia Z18, we can be sure this smartphone will still use Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, coming with RAM 8GB ROM 256GB internal storage, we don’t have to worry about its performance. In photographing, Nubia Z17S uses four camera, so Z18 may be upgraded based on it, its camera experience is expected to be improved much. So NuBia Z18 may be the next rival of Xiaomi MI7.

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