Nubia Z40 Pro Review: Photography To Explore More Possibilities


In February 2022, Nubia officially launched a new generation of humanistic imaging flagship Nubia Z40 Pro, which is officially called “the strongest Z series flagship in history”. It has the first customized optical system in the industry and provides “full scene shooting capability” through the three-camera imaging system on the back.

Since before the press conference, the official convenience has been promoting the powerful image strength of the Nubia Z40 Pro, so today, we might as well start talking about the image.

When I got the Nubia Z40 Pro, the imaging system on its back caught my eye. In particular, the words “35mm” in the main camera position make it more distinctive. Compared with traditional smartphones that mostly use 24mm or 26mm focal length main cameras, the Nubia Z40 Pro has changed from the past and applied a new “35mm focal length lens”, which is more in line with the human eye’s perspective and can be purer in composition. Unnecessarily cluttered backgrounds are excluded.

It is important to note that the “humanities main camera” is not a simple “portrait main camera”. If this lens is only limited to the level of “shooting people”, it will lose its true original intention of recording the bits and pieces of life. This time, Nubia has specially prepared the “Human Street Shooting” function for us. Under this function, the mobile phone will automatically call the 35mm lens, with different filters and film effects, the experience of traditional cameras can be perfectly reproduced in the mobile phone.

Wonderful moments are often fleeting, so “street photography” is also a test of the camera’s capture speed. This time, the Nubia Z40 Pro is equipped with the lightning capture function. Through the adaptive shutter shadow tracking algorithm, AI motion detection is performed on the target object, and at the same time, the degree of shaking of the mobile phone itself is detected, and the shutter exposure parameters are adjusted according to the scene, and through the multi-frame RAW data Fusion, AI neural network noise reduction, image fusion calculation, and depth optimization and other computational photography technologies form a clear snapshot photo.

In actual shooting, we generally do not need to make more complex adjustments, just press the shutter to take a photo. When shooting in some special scenes that need to change the focus, the Nubia Z40 Pro will also provide a faster focusing speed, which is convenient for us to capture those moments.

Of course, my favorite is still some of the filters in Human Street Photography. In addition to AU3, FJ8, and other different styles of filters, Nubia Z40 Pro also specially prepared a “Bresson filter” that pays tribute to the master. It can show the natural and simple picture performance through black and white style, so that the photos show a unique feeling of the years, and also make the photos more textured.

From a hardware point of view, this 35mm focal length lens is also very capable. It uses a custom IMX787 sensor, and a 64-megapixel lens provides higher resolution and clearer picture performance. At the same time, the 35mm lens also achieved lower distortion. Compared with the previous generation 26mm lens, the optical distortion was reduced by a full 35%.

Using the combination of three cameras, the Nubia Z40 Pro provides full coverage from 14mm-125mm focal lengths. If you like to shoot buildings or landscapes, try this ultra-wide-angle lens of the Z40 Pro. It has a 14mm equivalent focal length and a 116-degree viewing angle and has low distortion. When facing plants, the ultra-wide-angle lens can shoot a more “depth” picture.

Judging from the proofs, the quality of the ultra-wide-angle lens of the Nubia Z40 Pro is also good. It has 50 million pixels, and when shooting, it will output a better-looking 12.5 Megapixel photo in a four-in-one way. The most important thing is that the imaging effect and detail performance of this lens are not compromised at all. As long as the appropriate scene is selected, this ultra-wide-angle lens of Nubia Z40 Pro will not disappoint you.

Thanks to the installation of the humanistic color imaging system and the adjustment of the impression color technology, the Nubia Z40 Pro supports the full-link DCI-P3 color gamut, and the image color of the image is as real as the human eye sees.

When shooting distant landscapes, the Nubia Z40 Pro’s periscope telephoto lens can also help you better. This is a 125mm-equivalent periscope telephoto lens. It supports OIS optical image stabilization. When shooting distant objects, the image quality and details are still very good, and the details are clearly visible.

Thanks to the three-camera combination covered by all focal lengths, the Nubia Z40 Pro can already shoot different scenes. Of course, I also recommend that you try to shoot with different focal lengths after you get your mobile phone. This time, the Nubia Z40 Pro helped us prepare a zoom wheel and different focal length switches such as wide-angle, 1X, telephoto, 30X, etc. in the camera interface. The appropriate focal length, to shoot satisfactory works.

The Nubia Z series has never disappointed in hardware performance, and this time the Nubia Z40 Pro is still the same. This mobile phone is equipped with the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, with UFS3.1 + full blood LPDDR5 storage combination, which is enough to meet many daily use scenarios.

In the AnTuTu test, the Nubia Z40 Pro scored 1 million points, which is the normal score of the Snapdragon 8, and its performance is quite strong. In addition, UFS 3.1 and full blood LPDDR5 can also provide faster data transmission and loading speed. In daily use, content and information can also be delivered to our eyes for the first time.

What surprised me this time was the “nine-layered cold-sealed cooling system” of the Nubia Z40 Pro. It is said that the new generation of Snapdragon 8 is a test of the ability of manufacturers to “train the dragon”, while Nubia fully guarantees the efficient performance of the CPU through a comprehensively upgraded cooling system. This heat dissipation system is composed of a super large area VC liquid-cooled soaking plate, graphene, nano-carbon fiber thermal conductive sheet, high-power gel, graphite layer, and other heat dissipation materials. Among them, the industry’s first aerospace-grade micro-nano cavity graphene phase change soaking plate, Filled with micro-nano cavity structure and solid-liquid dual-state phase change material, has very high heat absorption and thermal conductivity. Compared with traditional phase change materials, the heat absorption performance is 140% higher, and the thermal conductivity is 300 times higher.

From the results, after running a high-quality “Peace Elite”, the temperature of the back panel of the Nubia Z40 Pro did not appear to be hot to the touch, and if you are a gamer, you can also use the Z40 Pro in the Z40 Pro. Open the game space, in the game space, we can choose different modes to further enhance the game experience. In addition, for heavy users of mobile phones, the combination of Nubia Z40 Pro’s large 5000mAh battery and 80W fast charging can also meet a day’s daily use.

As a flagship product, Nubia Z40 Pro naturally does not need to worry about hardware performance. However, in 2022, whether a mobile phone can be welcomed by more users depends on the software experience and the optimization of the manufacturer. At the software level, the Nubia Z40 Pro is equipped with a beautiful and fun MyOS 12 operating system. It not only looks lighter and younger but also the internal ACT application keep-alive technology and super power-saving technologies can also greatly improve the mobile phone. user experience. Among them, the application keep-alive technology can achieve ultra-high background retention capability by improving the way of memory management. The super power-saving technology, through refined hardware power consumption control, realizes millisecond-level resource scheduling, which can further improve the battery life of smartphones.

The performance of the Nubia Z40 Pro in terms of image and performance is remarkable. According to inertial thinking, we may think that this is a flagship machine with considerable weight. However, judging from the actual holding experience of the hand, the Nubia Z40 Pro is still a device with excellent hand feel, and it will not be too burdensome to hold in the hand.

Its body is only 8.46mm thick and weighs only 199 grams, keeping it within a very comfortable range. Moreover, the backplane of this mobile phone adopts the “starlight AG process”. By etching more than 1 million -level flash crystal surfaces on the glass surface, the whole phone can emit a diffusely reflected starlight effect in the sun. Also very catchy.

Compared with the ordinary AG process backplane, the Nubia Z40 Pro has significantly improved scratch resistance and fingerprint resistance, which also brings a better touch.

The front of the Nubia Z40 Pro uses a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a centered punch-hole design with a classic resolution of 2400*1080 and a refresh rate of 144Hz. In order to meet different usage scenarios, this screen of Nubia Z40 Pro supports different refresh rate gears such as 60Hz, 120Hz and 144Hz. It will match the appropriate frame for scenes with different frame rates such as reading, video, and picture browsing. Rate.

Judging from my daily usage, I will turn on the “smart switching” mode to maintain a good balance between the frame rate and power of the phone. Of course, if you pursue the ultimate refresh rate, you can also adjust the switch to 144Hz to enjoy a high-frame experience throughout.

At the detail level, the Nubia Z40 Pro also has a slightly concave design on the upper and lower sides, which not only seems to add a bit of texture to the phone but also makes it easier for users to hold with one hand. In addition, the front and rear hyperboloid fuselage also integrates the metal middle frame with the upper and lower glass back panels, which further strengthens the integrity of the whole machine.

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From film to digital cameras to smartphones in Pick up your smartphone, the imaging system on the back has become the most present area, and the powerful imaging system composed of multiple lenses is always ready to create a better shooting experience for us.

As the strongest humanistic imaging flagship in the history of Nubia, Nubia Z40 Pro makes consumers feel the long-lost freshness through a distinctive 35mm focal length humanistic lens. The new direction of “customized optics + computational photography” it represents will also provide users with more imaging possibilities, that is, everyone can enjoy the fun of photography through mobile phones.

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