Nubia Z40S Pro Review: Design, Hardware, and Features


Nubia Z digital series mobile phones are deeply loved by many small partners due to their distinctive design, camera capability and cost-effectiveness. Which mobile phone from Nubia is the most worth buying? At this stage, the answer I gave from IGeekphone is that Nubia has just released the Nubia Z40S Pro, which will be officially released on July 26, 2022.

In order to make it easier for everyone to make their own purchase decisions, Xiaofang, let me tell you about my actual experience with the phone.

In terms of appearance, the front of the Nubia Z40S Pro uses a 144 Hz refresh rate OLED material 1080P straight screen. This screen adopts a center hole-digging screen design and uses a very narrow frame design. The ratio is as high as 94.8%, which can give consumers a more immersive gaming experience and movie viewing experience; in terms of color matching, Nubia Z40S Pro is available in three colors: Night Sea, Magic Green, and Ling Cage. The majority of consumers choose, no matter which color scheme it is, it can well meet the aesthetic needs of the majority of consumers.

At the same time, the Nubia Z40S Pro mobile phone uses a metal middle frame and G frosted glass back cover, the overall grip is very good, and it is not easy to get fingerprints; in terms of the lightness of the body, the Nubia Z40S Pro is indeed thinner than previous generations. The thickness of the Z40S Pro is only 8.05 mm and the weight is only 205 grams. It is neither too light nor too heavy to hold, just right.

In terms of performance, the Nubia Z40S Pro uses the “Snapdragon 8+ Gen1+LPDDR5+UFS 3.1” performance combination, and the AnTuTu difference score is 1,046,159 points. Such a good score is enough to satisfy The majority of consumers who use mobile phones in various scenarios.

In terms of battery life, the Nubia Z40S Pro has a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh and supports 80-watt wired fast charging. As an ordinary office worker, it is completely capable of charging once a day. According to Xiaofang’s actual measurement, after five hours of heavy battery life test, the final remaining battery capacity is 52%; and when the battery is fully exhausted, it can be charged to 21% in 5 minutes and 21% in 30 minutes. The battery is charged to 86%, and it only takes 37 minutes to fully charge the battery.

In terms of camera capabilities, the Nubia Z40S Pro uses a combination of cameras in the front and the rear. The front camera has a pixel of 16 Megapixels, while the rear camera uses a “64MP main lens + 50MP super wide-angle main lens + 8MP periscope telephoto lens” camera module, which supports 9x optics Zoom and OIS optical image stabilization function, the overall imaging effect is very good. In order to make it easier for everyone to better understand the camera capabilities of the Nubia Z40S Pro, Xiaofang will simply provide you with a few proofs.

In terms of gaming experience, the Nubia Z40S Pro is also quite good. We tested the machine with two mobile games, Honor of Kings and Genshin Impact. Under the condition of 120 full frames, the average frame rate of Honor of Kings in 30 minutes was 119.9, while the average frame rate of Yuanshen was 59.3. Such good game performance, as far as Xiaofang is concerned, is not much different than that of professional game phones.

In terms of heat dissipation, the Nubia Z40S Pro uses a pass-through cold air cooling technology. After an hour of gaming experience, the average temperature of the fuselage is 42.2°C, which is also very good in heat dissipation.


In general, the Nubia Z40S Pro has a good performance in performance, camera capability, battery life, and design. If your budget is around 3,000 yuan and you want to buy a flagship camera phone, Xiaofang suggests that you should give priority to the Z40S Pro, which is more suitable. So the question is, do you think it is appropriate to spend more than 3,000 yuan to start the Nubia Z40S Pro? Welcome everyone to leave a message to Xiaofang to express your views, thank you.

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