Nubia Z50 Ultra Review: A Comprehensive Review of Its Camera Capabilities


Looking back at the history of mobile phone form changes, large-scale first-generation full-screen forms have appeared since 2017. Most of them are still pseudo-full screens, improving the screen ratio in terms of perception. With the highly narrow border and 18:9 screen ratio, The result is a visual effect close to the entire screen, and it is still a bit far away to develop an actual full screen.

In 2018, with the rise of new packaging technology, the first-generation technology with large borders, such as COG, was gradually eliminated, forming a market structure where COP and COF technologies coexist. The prominent chin of the mobile phone has been destroyed, but the disappearance of the front camera is still a significant problem hindering the realization of the ultimate full-screen form.

Later, new solutions, such as lifting and lowering, appeared. However, due to the limited internal space of the mobile phone, the built-in motor lifting motor will cause many cumbersome problems, such as thick and heavy mobile phones, short service life, and high maintenance costs in the later period. The market gradually eliminated it, and most smartphones launched in the following years were notch screens, water drop screens, hole-digging screens, and pill screens.

In 2020, ZTE developed for the first time a proper full-screen mobile phone form that integrates the front camera inside the screen, gradually upgraded and evolved in the following years, and finally developed the fourth-generation under-screen camera technology this year. Proactive has an excellent hidden effect.

As a sub-brand of ZTE, Nubia has been exploring new forms of smartphones, from the initial borderless mobile phone to the last dual-screen mobile phone. This year’s Nubia finally ushered in a revolutionary breakthrough, bringing the first full-screen mobile phone Nubia Z50 Ultra equipped with an under-screen proactive camera.

1. The fourth-generation off-screen camera technology in exchange for the most stunning proper full-screen form

Nubia Z50 Ultra adopts the latest under-screen camera technology to create the most amazing Nubia mobile phone in history. It is officially called Neovision UDC full screen. It cooperates with UDC Pro+ independent display chip and independent pixel driver, aiming at the under-screen camera Color correction is done in the area, and it is difficult to find the difference between the lens under the screen and the surrounding screen no matter from which angle.

Nubia Z50 Ultra can be said to be the most impressive mobile phone in the history of Nubia.

2. 35+85mm dual golden focal length image experience is fully upgraded

The primary lens of the Nubia Z50 Ultra uses a 64-megapixel custom-made 35mm Sony IMX787 camera, which forms a golden dual-focus segment with an 85mm telephoto lens and a 14mm 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, creating a very representative Nubia A revolutionary three-camera module.

Combined with Nubia’s exclusive computational photography capabilities, it has made a comprehensive upgrade compared to the Z50 regarding imagery.

3. The second-generation Snapdragon 8 performance iron triangle

Nubia Z50 Ultra, as a flagship mobile phone, is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform is also essential, supplemented by the combination of LPDDR5X memory and UFS4. Power is very worth looking forward to.

Design & Screen

The new Neovision UDC full screen, the fourth-generation under-screen camera technology endows the mobile phone with a complete screen, 6.8-inch AMOLED flexible direct screen, resolution reaches FHD+ level, that is, 2480×1116 supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, default touch The sampling rate is 240Hz, which can reach up to 1000Hz during the game. The screen jointly built by Nubia and BOE has a built-in UDC Pro+ display chip, making the picture display more accurate.

Secondly, the 1×1 independent pixel drive effectively avoids the barrier of the front camera. Combined with ultra-high-transparency micron-level screen materials, small high-transparency pixels, and streamer high-transparency circuits, it effectively improves the light transmittance of the area under the screen. The customized 16-megapixel sensor with 2.24μm ultra-large pixels makes selfies more straightforward and transparent.

The body of Nubia Z50 Ultra adopts the COP packaging process, and the high narrow chin is consistent with the width of the three borders, forming a visual borderless feeling and making the display effect of the whole machine more uniform.

The back of the Nubia Z50 Ultra phone adopts the basic shape of absolute geometry, combined with the design language of parallel space so that a whole piece of super-large borderless glass and similar space is divided into designs, and the raised three-camera module above is embedded in a square gimbal internal.

To highlight the uniqueness of the image, the 35mm primary camera in the upper part of the gimbal is endowed with glossy surface technology, and the periscope telephoto in the lower part is made of AG flash sand material, presenting a strong visual sense of smooth and matte.

Nubia Z50 Ultra’s rear camera module, 35mm and 85mm dual-focus lens, continues the classic red circle design and introduces an exclusively developed multiple ring-shaped star track texture, showing the beauty of numerous light and shadow interlacing as the light changes.

On the side of the phone, the classic red power button is embedded in a staggered texture, and above it is the volume adjustment button. There is also a special camera shortcut button on the top, which can quickly call the camera by shaking this button and capturing beautiful moments in real-time.

The Nubia Z50 Ultra is equipped with an infrared remote control for the first time, located on the left side of the top of the phone. On the right side are an independent speaker opening and a noise-canceling microphone. On the top are two antenna strips at both ends of the metal frame.

The bottom of the phone is followed by the SIM card slot, the primary microphone, the Type-C charging and earphone two-in-one interface, and the speaker. Inside the package of Nubia Z50 Ultra comes a transparent mobile phone case, CC data cable, fast charging adapter, product manual, and a SIM card pin. The fast charging adapter supports up to 20V-4A 80W power output.

Nubia Z50 Ultra Cameras

The Nubia Z50 Ultra has three rear cameras. The primary camera is a custom-made 35mm 64-megapixel Sony IMX787 camera, which supports full-pixel omnidirectional focusing and OIS optical image stabilization. Optical coating and night photography have an excellent ability to offset the refraction and diffraction of light.

The 64-megapixel 85mm telephoto lens also has OIS optical image stabilization. Compared with the 35mm primary camera, it achieves an optical zoom of nearly 2.4 times. It has an overall six times visual zoom range from the ultra-wide angle.

The 50-megapixel 14mm ultra-wide-angle lens can shoot a 116-degree field of view and can shoot 2cm macro. Using the primary camera with a 35mm focal length, compared with the standard 24mm focal length, can highlight the picture’s main body. In daytime scenes, the contrast and saturation will not be deliberately increased, and the colors presented are more inclined to the actual image seen by the human eye.

In the night scene, the Nubia Z50 Ultra improves the picture’s overall brightness through an algorithm and effectively suppresses the light directly coming from the light board. Layering. Especially the tulip below, in a relatively dark environment, can show this highly saturated flower color without details, which tests computing power and color adjustment for mobile phone images.

50mm Portrait focal length

The primary camera of Nubia Z50 Ultra has been cropped and optimized, and the obtained 50mm focal length picture can be produced at high speed during the day and night, especially at night; even after digital zooming, there is no mosaic in the picture, analysis Power is still excellent.


In the case of sufficient light, the samples taken by the periscope telephoto lens of the Nubia Z50 Ultra are not bad in terms of color and image quality. Shake, you can take excellent pictures with your hands.

At night, the telephoto lens has slight astigmatism in some scenes but does not affect the overall texture. Facing a large area of ​​bright light signs, it still has excellent suppression of light.

Ultra Wide Angle

The ultra-wide-angle lens of the Nubia Z50 Ultra also supports night scene mode, with a large viewing angle of 116°, which can meet the needs of recording large scenes in daily life. In terms of color display and exposure control, there is no significant gap with the primary camera.


The Nubia Z50 Ultra uses an ultra-wide-angle lens to crop the picture and can shoot macro objects of 2.5cm. It has a good resolution for shooting close-range objects such as flowers daily.

Nubia has always been known as a mobile phone for shooting stars. In addition to conventional image shooting, Nubia Z50Ultra introduces as many as 25 rich ways to play in the exclusive camera family. Using these unique functions, there is no need to learn superb Shooting skills and choose the appropriate mode to get the desired effect.

Under-screen Selfie effect

Nubia Z50 Ultra is its first mobile phone with an under-screen front camera. However, based on the previous technology accumulation, after a comprehensive upgrade of hardware and software, the selfie and video effects, whether the original camera or a third-party camera, have also been greatly improved. Consumers can experience a sense of transparency that is infinitely close to non-screen proactive.

Compared with the previous generations of under-screen cameras, the fourth-generation under-screen camera combines an AI deep-sensing engine, image super-transparency enhancement, radiant natural beauty, and other leading technologies, and the sample photos are taken to eliminate the previous haze. The details of the characters’ faces are still undistorted after being enlarged, and the resolution is a little stronger than in previous generations.

This time, the Nubia Z50 Ultra breaks the stereotype under the screen and brings the perfect under-screen proactive experience.

Performance of Nubia Z50 Ultra

As an Ultra version, Nubia Z50 Ultra has no compromise on performance, and the latest second-generation Snapdragon 8Gen2, LPDDR5X+UFS4.0 performance iron triangle, is a must. We got the 12GB+256GB version and then conducted theoretical performance benchmark tests.

1. Antutu

The first is AnTuTu’s comprehensive performance test. The score exceeded 1.28 million points, nearly 25% higher than the previous generation of Z40 Pro’s Snapdragon 8Gen1. The CPU score was 272,000+, a year-on-year increase of 15.3%. A rise of 28.9%. On the whole, the game performance of Nubia Z50 Ultra has been dramatically upgraded.

2. GeekBench

Then there is the CPU single test. In the GeekBench5 project, the single-core score is 1422 points, and the multi-core score is 5097. Adding cores and Cortex-A715 cores with a higher central frequency significantly improves multi-core performance. We also used the latest GeekBench6 for testing, with a single-core score of 1895 and a multi-core score of 5514.

3. GFXBench

In the GPU testing session, we used GFXBench’s 1080P six regular projects for testing, among which the Aztec ruins OpenGL frame rate was 154FPS, the Aztec ruins Vulkan frame rate was 182FPS, the car chase frame rate was 130FPS, and Manhattan’s frame rate was 3.1 It reaches 222FPS, which is nearly 38% higher than Snapdragon 8.

In the early stage of the test, the temperature of the mobile phone was not high, and the frame rate ran out was not much different. We mainly look at the last two Manhattan off-screen tests and Tyrannosaurus rex off-screen tests. The Nubia Z50 Ultra can run 329FPS and 490FPS, respectively, and the gap with Snapdragon 8 has increased to about 60%.

So, the continuous performance release of Snapdragon 8Gen2 also has certain advantages.

4. Androbench

Finally, in the Androbench flash memory performance test, the sequential read speed of 3.5GB/s and the write speed of 2.75GB/s also meet the standard of UFS4. MB/s.

Gaming Performance

After the theoretical performance test, how does this true full-screen Nubia Z50 Ultra perform in games?

We selected three mainstream mobile games: Honor of Kings, Peace Elite and Yuanshen. In an office environment with a room temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, we tested these three games with the frame rate as the priority and recorded: the frame rate, power consumption, and temperature control performance during the game.

1. Glory of Kings

The Honor of Kings mobile game runs at 120FPS when the ultimate picture quality + high frame resolution is turned on. After a team battle for nearly 13 minutes, the final average frame rate of the game is stable at 120.5FPS, and the frame rate fluctuation is only 0.2FPS, the picture in the game is smooth and smooth, and there is no trace of stuttering.

In terms of power consumption, the average power consumption is about 4.457W, and the frame energy consumption is 37mW. The highest temperature on the front of the phone is 39.2 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the back is 38.2 degrees Celsius. You only feel a slight heat when holding it with both hands during the game.

2. Peace Elite

The Peace Elite mobile game supports HDR high-definition picture quality at the highest limited frame rate. The game runs at a maximum of 60FPS. After nearly 20 minutes of the game, the average frame rate is stable at 60 full frames, and the frame rate curve is tough on a straight line. The average fluctuation With only 0.7FPS, there is almost no pressure to deal with such low-load games.

In terms of power consumption, the average power consumption is 4W, and the frame power consumption is 68.1mW. Since it is a 60-frame mode, the overall power consumption of the game is relatively low.

In terms of temperature, the front is 39.3 degrees Celsius, and the back is 38 degrees Celsius. The high-temperature area is mainly concentrated in the lower left corner of the front panel. It may impact the fingers when moving people, but from the perspective of overall heat generation, the temperature control is not inadequate. , After all, it guarantees the full-frame operation of the game, and it will make a little sacrifice in terms of heat dissipation.

3. Original God

The last is Yuanshen mobile game. With the highest image quality + 60 frame mode, running map + fighting monsters, after nearly 15 minutes of game testing, the average frame rate is stable at 60.1FPS, and the average fluctuation is only 1FPS, passing the frame rate curve. It can be seen that there were relatively frequent small fluctuations within 30 seconds of entering the game in the early stage, but it did not affect the overall stability of the game. The frame rate remained smooth even when fighting monsters and zooming in. It seems that Nubia Z50 Ultra has worked hard on optimizing the game.

The average power consumption is as high as 5.5W, and the frame power consumption has also reached 91.8mW, which is relatively high among many Snapdragon 8Gen2 models. Although it has a large 6.8-inch screen, the power consumption will be lower. Increase, the frame power consumption of the Nubia Z50 was only about 42.7mW, the gap is still a bit big, but considering that the machine we have is still a non-commercially available engineering machine, there may be a problem of excess in high-performance release, I hope that Nubia can make some optimizations in performance schedule in the future to reduce the average power consumption.

However, in terms of temperature, thanks to the e-sports-grade bionic cooling system equipped on the Nubia Z50 Ultra, the large VC cooling area of ​​4212mm2 has also improved the cooling capacity of the mobile phone. The maximum temperature on the back of the phone is 41.3 degrees Celsius. 39.5 degrees Celsius on the back of the body.

From the perspective of temperature performance, although there is not much difference from the previous generation Z50, the large 6.8-inch screen will also increase part of the power consumption, so it seems that the heat dissipation performance of Nubia Z50 Ultra is indeed better.


The Nubia Z50 Ultra has a built-in 5000mAh high-capacity battery that supports up to 80W wired fast charging, consistent with the Nubia Z50.

Charging test

We drained the power of the Nubia Z50 Ultra to 1% and conducted a charging test with the screen off. It can be charged to 34% in 10 minutes, 62% in 20 minutes, 87% in half an hour, and finally fully charged. It took 38 minutes.

Endurance test

For the battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology.

In terms of test items, we chose the extreme power battery life test and checked all the test items, including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing to simulate user usage scenarios and restore the whole load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the actual power consumption.

We set the refresh rate of the Nubia Z50 Ultra to adaptive, adjusted the screen brightness to 50% manually and turned off the automatic brightness, and then used the battery dog ​​to test the battery life. After the test, it took 10 hours to consume the power from 100% to 1%. Twenty-six minutes is the result of continuous testing. If the mobile phone is used intermittently daily, the battery life can be close to 35.6 hours, eliminating battery anxiety.

Verdict of Nubia Z50 Ultra

Nubia Z50 Ultra has pioneered its first actual full-screen mobile phone, and it is also the first Ultra flagship model in the history of Nubia. It lights up the screen in the off-screen state, bringing us a shocking visual effect; it is also unmatched by other mobile phones.

After our experience, we made the following conclusions about this first Ultra flagship model in Nubia’s history:

1. The actual full-screen selfie effect is the best in history

Nubia Z50 Ultra’s ground-breaking first adoption of the under-screen proactive technology is beyond our expectations. Combining the UDC Pro+ independent display chip and independent pixel driver, the under-screen bold area has an excellent hidden effect. When you look at the screen from multiple angles, it isn’t easy to find the camera’s existence under the screen.

In terms of the self-timer experience, the hazy feeling of the previous image is eliminated, and the details of the portrait are more brilliant. It can be said that the Nubia Z50 Ultra has also become the most effective self-timer so far.

2. The exclusive 35+85mm double golden focal length image is even more brilliant

Nubia Z50 Ultra upgrades the 35mm golden focal length of the Z50 again and introduces an 85mm periscope telephoto lens, forming a double golden focal length of 35+85mm. In experience, the narrower range of shooting angles makes the picture look more concise; photography beginners can also shoot high-quality images.

Secondly, with the help of Nubia’s outstanding gameplay, star trails, starry sky, super moon, long exposure, slow shutter, and many other professional gameplays, you can quickly complete shooting with Nubia Z50 Ultra without the help of superb photography skills. Realize the popularization of professional images.

3. The performance of the second-generation Snapdragon 8 chip is outstanding

The performance that a flagship mobile phone should have, Nubia Z50 Ultra, is also not absent; the performance iron triangle brought by the second-generation Snapdragon 8 so that the mobile phone also has a high guarantee for the game release, the highest quality graphics of Yuanshen + Even killing monsters can reach 60.1FPS entire frame operation, which is enough to see how violent the performance release of the mobile phone is.

In other respects, details such as ring flash, full-featured NFC, Wi-Fi 6E, dual speakers, etc., and Nubia Z50 are all in place, and even an infrared remote control sensor is added for the first time.

All in all, as Nubia’s first Ultra model, it has made excellent improvements in terms of shape changes, image upgrades, and performance releases.

I want to say that Nubia has always been an explorer and pursuer of imaging in the mobile phone industry and has tried its best to create professional camera phones for us. The proper full-screen form is the icing on the cake for Nubia Z50 Ultra, which can Attract more users to choose it and take stunning proofs.

Finally, if you like photography and want a mobile phone with flagship performance and an actual full screen, the only one you can find on the market today is the Nubia Z50 Ultra.

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