Nvidia Shield TV Box Review: A Best Streamer for Online Games


Nvidia is now well known in making various designs item. they have recently given us an Android-based spilling box with heaps of preparing power, requests to a scattershot of spectators. NVIDIA SHIELD is an astounding Ultra HD spilling media player, conveying unbelievable 4K goals in most loved applications like Netflix, YouTube, KODI and PLEX. Striking 10-bit shading and rich Dolby 7.1 encompass sound** make this a genuine home auditorium experience. Or then again plug your earphones into your SHIELD controller shield remote for a private listening background. Nvidia Shield comes with 3GB + 500GB of storage.

The present emphasis of the SHIELD TV is a conservative wedge-molded gadget around 16 x 10 centimeters. The surface comprises of facets that resemble a lump removed from a stealth airship. Alongside the gleaming hole that fills in as power LED, the SHIELD is a little on the ostentatious side.

The Nvidia Shield TV is a slick and smooth spilling box with that precise gamer tasteful. Frankly, it isn’t very in your face like numerous different bits of tech that are gone for the gamer-part of the bargain. Keeping the gadget dark with matte and reflexive segments implies it fits with most home amusement focuses.


Presently the controller is the place the Nvidia Shield TV separates itself from the horde of less expensive choices, well, that and the game gushing components. The controller ergonomics are great and it figures out how to hold the polygon feel without being awkward

Best Browser

Puffin TV-Browser. This one works with your Android TV’s essential remote, settling on it an astounding decision for all clients.  The Puffin TV-Browser has a rendition that has been explicitly intended for Android TV boxes it’s not only a repurposed portable Android application. The uniquely planned interface implies Puffin is lightweight, quick, and simple. The searching is done quickly and efficiently and the hardware of the TV box provides you enough power to play games online. Some of the best games are on the best online casinos that have created dedicated pages for mobile usage. A lot of other games are also available on other different niches, which makes the TV box usage much more fun.

Google Assistant

The associate is Google’s rendition of Amazon Alexa and is intended to give you a chance to control shrewd gadgets using your voice. Its expansion implies you would now be able to mount web searches and control applications running on the Shield TV basically by saying “alright Google” trailed by your direction when close to your controller.


The Nvidia Shield TV is one of a bunch of gushing boxes that run Google’s Android TV programming. The thought behind Android TV is to consolidate all the telephone control highlights of a Chromecast with an appropriate on-screen menu framework and a physical remote, while likewise inclining toward Google Assistant for incredible voice controls. Until now, the Nvidia Shield TV is the main gadget that is done this thought equity.


the working framework is to a great extent less fascinating than the interface changes it brings. The Shield’s interface was beginning to look very dated, however, the new interface brings genuinely necessary customization.


Nvidia claims the new GeForce Now programming will give you a chance to stream titles at an illustrations quality proportionate to a work area PC running either a GTX 1080 GPU.  The three greatest overhauls incorporated an exhibition lift to Nvidia’s GeForce Now remote play membership administration, the capacity to interface your Ubisoft UPlay record to the Shield, and the GameStream choice that gives you a chance to stream games from your PC.

4k highlights

The element functions admirably enough and there’s a better than average exhibit of HDR 4K content accessible on the Shield, which approaches all the prevalent diversion applications you’d expect – Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube and Google Play Movies, in addition to some increasingly elusive ones, for example, Crunchyroll and Shudder.

Also, Nvidia Shield TV finally gets Android 9 Pie and much more in the latest update


The gaming highlights, incredibly remote, control cushion, and the extraordinary exhibition make it a conventional reassure in its own right. What’s more, with the Steam Link presently being ended, it is a quality elective that incorporates a couple of not too bad additional highlights that the Steam Link can’t offer.

It’s simply so little as well. The Shield TV can sit anyplace without occupying much room. I was stunned at exactly how light the whole bundle is, which may be an issue on the off chance that you have a listing HDMI link connected round back


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