Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator Now Selling at $40.66 [Best Price]


The Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator is a portable, cordless tooth irrigator. Inexpensive, well-made, with four tips, five modes of operation, good battery life, and a handy, waterproof, well-made housing.

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Its highly ergonomic shape allows a comfortable and intuitive grip. The style of the central body respects the current aesthetic design canons, with straight lines that separate the different cleaning methods. The white version has metal details and linear areas in light gray tones, with the bristles of the head in orange; the blue version also has metal details, but the colors of the product have many shades of blue: from ultramarine blue on the head to increasingly lighter colors towards the tail, up to a very bright light blue, color that is also taken from the bristles of the head.

The icons of the different functions of the toothbrush have colors that are not too contrasting with the main theme and therefore are more pleasing to the sight of the product. The size of the Oclean W10 reflects the normal size of a new generation toothbrush. The central body has a cylindrical shape with a greater radius than that of the head, which has a narrower neck to allow comfortable insertion into the oral cavity.


Oclean W10 provides a strong jet of water to not only clean the teeth but also massage the gums with a jet of water, which causes the blood circulation in the gums and strengthens local tissue immunity. It also eliminates bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene. Dental diseases can be prevented with daily use, and compared to floss, the irrigator is friendlier and does not damage the gums. There are a total of five brushing modes available in it, which will thus adapt to all types of situations and users. In addition, the brush reminds us when two minutes of brushing pass, as well as every 30 seconds, to change areas and obtain a better cleaning. In the body of the brush we have the battery indicator with which to see its status at all times.


When it’s time to recharge your battery, the device features a USB Type-C connector that allows you to recharge the entire battery in just four hours. However, you can forget about the charger since its battery promises an autonomy of up to 180 days on standby so that normally it will be enough to carry out a single charge per year.


The 5 methods of dental cleaning offer support and availability to any type of need that the madman might have. The battery power is extremely long-lasting and this makes it possible to use the toothbrush for a long time before being charged.

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Buy Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator on Aliexpress


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