Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset Now Selling at $49.48 [Best Price]


Considering that many are also hype with this Mpow BH415 Air Wireless Gaming Headset, so this is my brief review after a month of using it. Effortlessly Mute or adjust volumes with easy-to-reach control on the wireless headset.

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The size of the Mpow BH415 Headset is not as big as the Razer Kraken. Those who like oval ear shape earpad may feel less comfortable because the earpad will press on the ear. The ear clamp force is stronger than the Razer Kraken. Maybe also because the earpad is not as thick as the Razer Kraken so the clamping force is stronger. No Cooling Gel Earpad. But maybe you can buy a 3rd party Earpad like misodiko and get the cooling gel version of the earpad.


The Mpow BH415 gaming headset features a flexible noise-canceling microphone for crystal-clear vocal communication at critical moments. Collaborate better with teammates for a victory. The pro mic games can also be detached when you need a relaxing musical feast. As the game starts, detailed, polished and professional sounds are heard, from quiet footsteps, environmental cues to reloading enemy weapons. Immerse yourself in the 3D audio experience provided by the 50mm driver and 2 separate chambers. Effortlessly mute or adjust the volume with easy-to-reach control on the wireless headset.

Hybrid soft memory foam with earplug shape and adjustable headband for unparalleled comfort and fit. The combination of a leather faceplate and a solid metal steel frame with a hollow structure provide the Mpow computer headphones with high performance durability and lightweight comfort. The Mpow 2.4G wireless gaming headset comes with a transmitter and a removable 3.5mm audio cable. Compatible with multiple platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One X as well as consoles with 3.5mm jack input.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Mpow BH415 Headset on Aliexpress


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