Oclean W10 water flosser: Unboxing and demonstration how to keep 100% your teeth clean!


Everybody knows that dental health is one of the mostly important things in your hygiene. Bad teeth, not cleaned properly, can lead to a smelly breath, with stains on the teeth, a smile that you won’t want to show, dental diseases. You will tell me that a good toothbrush like the Oclean X Pro Elite that I reviewed and use I have to say every since, here in igeekphone.com, should be enough. But unfortunately, even a such good toothbrush, is not enough some times. So, how can we keep 110% clean out teeth!? With the help of a water flosser, like the Oclean W10.

As a doctor I take hygiene seriously and I was very happy when Oclean wanted to send me over and the water flosser they have, the Oclean W10. The flosser came to me without any problem with the post or customs. You can find it in two colours, green (mint) and pink and I was sent a pink one, so to give it to my wife, since I already had the toothbrush. Nevertheless, despite the color, is not that pink that it cannot be used by everybody.

Opening the box, you will find inside 1 x Water Flosser + 4 x Nozzles + 1 x User Manual + 1 x Charging Cable. The main part of the water flosser is mainly from white as you can see and some pink at the lower part, which as you can see at the video, is detachable. The pink area of the flosser can take up to 200ml of water that can be filled up from the upper part of the flosser. The flosser is waterproof with IPX7 protocol.

The W10 flosser comes with a 30-Day battery life, that can be recharged with the Type C cable that comes with. The port is well hidden at the lower part of the device, behind the grip. When in action, it can throw water up to 1400 pulses per minute frequency, in 5 different flossing modes: Intensive mode, Standard, Gentle, Pulsating and On-demand mode. How each mode works you can see at the video. I have to say that the flosser does a very good job, combined and with the four nozzles that comes with. Choose the correct nozzle for the job you want to do and you will have 110% clean teeth!

Don’t forget to check the video review I have done for the Oclean W10 flosser, to see live in action how it works!

So, if you care for your teeth hygiene and want to have a healthy oral cavity, go over to Oclean site, to get the Oclean W10 water flosser with an extra 9% discount by using the coupon EK9, VAT included, from the 59.99$!

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