OCOOKER Multifunction Food Processor Is Coming On Xiaomi Youpin


The Chinese company continues to offer new devices dedicated to the kitchen and after the 540-liter smart refrigerator, yet another accessory that promises to revolutionize the preparation of meals is in the pipeline. In fact, it is in the pipeline on Xiaomi YouPin a new OCOOKER Multifunction Food Processor, a solution that turns out to be particularly interesting from the very first bars.

It is understood that this new product is created by the circle kitchen, equipped with a 7-inch smart large screen, without supervision, a table of dishes can be prepared in 30 minutes.

Moreover, the official said that one machine is equivalent to the function of 21 kitchen appliances, which is a “cost-effective subversion presentation.” Judging from the rendering of the preheating poster, this cooking artifact looks like a pot on the top of a rice cooker.

In fact, there are already many “cooking machines” on the market. Just follow the recipes, prepare the ingredients, and then throw the ingredients and seasonings into the machine, and they can automatically stir fry for us. You can easily make several Dishes.

The most important thing is that the cooking machine has no oil fume so that you will no longer be choked by oil fume when cooking.  And this new Xiaomi OCOOKER Multifunction Food Processor can make a table of dishes (3 dishes) in 30 minutes, which is very efficient.

The basics are all there: it remains to be seen which will be the price of sale of the Xiaomi OCOOKER Multifunction Food Processor, but knowing Xiaomi YouPin it is likely that this will be a small figure. The debut is expected on December 2st and as soon as revealed we will update you with all the details.

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