ODG R8 & R9, First Snapdragon 835 Mixed AR & VR Glasses Will Releaseat CES 2017


CES 2017 is coming, ODG company will take the good chance to show two mixed AR and VR Glasses, ODG R8 and ODG R9, which can support AR and VR equipment, its design is similar to eye glasses, but there is a camera in the middle of the bridge of the nose.

ODG R8 and ODG R9 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, and they will sell at 1,000usd and 1,800usd,which is cheaper than Microsoft HoloLens kit at 3,000usd. Although they look cheap in terms of design, ODG R8 and ODG R9 is quite light compared with others with large numbers of hardware. Two glasses both can support Bluetooth 5.0 and Wifi 802.11ac technology, built in GPS, freedom tracking system, dual microphone and directional microphone. The users test ODG R8 and R9 to watch videos with several times in a few minutes to know the AR experience.

The advantage is that the image quality of two devices are both sharp, R8 has 720p, but R9 has 1080p screen resolution. The main disadvantage is that they have small viewing angle which is similar to HoloLens. Although it has good experience, it has no such real experience as VR, although they both supports VR experience. Users don’t test their VR experience such as remote control.

In addition, ODG R9 is equipped with 13MP camera, 60fps to shoot up to 4K video and 120 fps to shoot 1080p video. It has an expansion port to insert the new module. Stay tuned.



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