OLALA S75 Power Bank at $24 with 27% off from 22nd January to 31st January & Buy OLALA lightning cable with additional 8% off


What will you do if your power bank and Phone power off at the same time Before Charge the power bank firstly then charge the phone Now Charge OLALA S75 power bank and the phone at the same time the current will flow into the phone first which means the phone will be charged firstly What will you do when your iphone and ipad power off at the same time Before Charge them one by one Now As the OLALA S75 7500mAh has dual output design you can charge the iPhone by the built-in lightning and charge another Apple devices by the USB port at the same time.

The OLALA Power Bank is a portable 7500mAh external battery for iOS devices. It is Apple MFi certified and it connects to all newer iPhone and iPad models through Apple’s Lightning connector. The S75 Power Bank model weighs 7.2 ounces (205g), which makes it slightly heavier than an iPhone 7 Plus (6.63 ounces). It includes a convenient slide design for tucking away the Lightning and USB cables, and its new dual output capabilities allow you to charge both iOS and Android devices, simultaneously.

The S75 Power Bank features a nice compact design. As mentioned above, you just slide out the side tray to access your Lightning and USB cables, then tuck them away when you’re finished charging your device. The problem is there is no place to tuck away the external microUSB cable that plugs into your Apple USB adapter to charge the power bank itself. This is just a small annoyance for organized users who like to keep all their wires nice and tidy. On the plus side, the device’s gold hue does match the current gold-colored iPhone and iPad models, and it looks nice sitting on your desk.

OLALA promises a “fast charging design” at 5V / 2.0A input and 5V / 2.4A output. The standard Apple charger is 5V, but it took a lot longer than normal to get a full charge for my iPhone 6s using the S75 Power Bank. However, the point of an external battery is not to replace your original charger, but to offer you an alternative when using the standard is not an option. The OLALA Power Bank holds around 4 charges for the iPhone, and it will charge your device first when simultaneously charging itself.

The side of the battery has a charge indicator, an outgoing USB port so you can charge a second device if you’ve got the cable and a micro in port as a second charging option with the included micro USB cable. You can buy OLALA S75 power bank at $24 with 27% off from 22nd January to 31st January, And if order together with OLALA lightning cable with additional 8% discount for both items Means if you buy both items same time you can get both at $32.94 for limited time


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