One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop| Quad Core 7″ IPS Screen 8GB DDR3 128GB eMMC| Design, Hardware, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


GPD isn’t the only company making mini laptops with 7-inch displays. A company called One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop has a new mini notebook that looks suspiciously similar to the GPD Pocket at first glance, but the One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop has a few distinguishing characteristics… Including a touchscreen display, a convertible design that lets you use the computer in laptop or tablet modes, and support for pressure-sensitive pen input.


The “Yoga” part of the name gives away the device’s top feature. The One Mix Yoga Pocket is a laptop with a 360-degree hinge, just like every other laptop in the Yoga series. It’s not the only laptop with this silhouette Lenovo has made recently either. The One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop is less than a year old, but the One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop makes significant improvements to the build. It may not be as eye-catching as a Lenovo Yoga 900S, but this machine feels as if it’s built to the same standards as the top-end models. It’s mostly aluminum and magnesium – apart from the pane of glass covering the screen, of course.

the 360-degree hinge part is much more about the Lenovo Yoga 11 One Mix’s fun side. Flip the screen all the way over and you’ll be prompted to switch to Windows 10’s tablet mode, which tweaks the interface so it’s better-suited to life led by touchscreen. The One Mix Yoga weighs about 1.1 pounds and measures about .67 inches thick. It has a 360-degree hinge that allows you to rotate the screen, and the digital pen supports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.


The One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop’s processor isn’t, though. It uses the Intel Cherry Trail x5-Z8350, the same seen in the lower-end version of the 12-inch MacBook. It gets 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD – the latter being fast but not quite as fast as the quickest. This is no power PC, then, but it does have enough power to feel almost as speedy as anything on the market when you’re just pootling about Windows, doing some basic work and browsing the internet.


It also has a USB Type-C port, a micro USB port, micro HDMI and 3.5mm audio Jack’s, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0. There’s also a micro SD card slot for up to 128GB of removable storage. The computer has a 6,500 mAh battery and charges via the USB-C port. Pocket Yoga does double duty as a conventional netbook-albeit one with a screen that’s awfully tiny for conventional, office-style apps-or as a handheld device. A 360-degree hinge allows the display to fold all the way around to the base, thereby allowing the Pocket Yoga to function as a tablet notebook. One particularly clever innovation is the “belt” that wraps around the device.

When removed, the belt becomes a mouse. However, the Yoga is almost useless for gaming – but then you probably knew that already. Playing Skyrim at minimum graphics settings and 720p resolution only just reaches a playable speed. And that will dip as the action hots up. One of the selling points of the One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop is its super cool Halo Keyboard and Create Pad. All Yoga Book’s come with a Wacom-pen in the box, with additional pen ink heads for writing on actual paper. You can draw directly into the Create Pad, or use the pen to manipulate the screen, too. It’s almost like having two screens, which is great!

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The One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop is a Windows 10 high point in this new laptop era. It offers just about everything you get with the 12-inch MacBook, and a bit more besides, for much less money. What’s not to like? One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop is now available on Geekbuying just at $423.19 using Coupon Code: GKBTABLET.

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