Oneodio A10 Headphone’s. Is it better than you expect? Full Review and Tests.


We have a pair of headphones made by Oneodio,
a company creating solely headphones and which for the past couple of years has made
great advances in the quality of the music as well as in that of the materials in use. It is
aiming to reach brands of greater standing with partial success.

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“hi res audio” The quality of the sound is excessively cared for according to protocols in
order for it not to clip, for correct depiction of the mid-range, the bass and so on. In this
case, I would say it is achieved. Although not the best I’ve heard, they are still decent,
based on their price and make “hi res” justice. I may be no audio file but my personal
opinion is that, although not always achieved, it is a generally valuable feature.

And let’s se some specs…
The capacity of the battery reaches the 800mah, according to the specification, it is to be charged with 5 volt, 560mah, and the process will last around two hours.
As for the duration of use, it is almost truthful, as displayed here.
40 hours if connected via Bluetooth and active noise cancelation is on,
as it was mentioned, wireless use is also provided. 50 hours via Bluetooth only,
since active noise cancellation, although helpful, when activated increases the energy usage, and 62
hours with only the active noise cancelation turned on.

Now you may want to stop and ask me.. What is the point of having the active noise
cancelation on if no music is playing at the same time?
Allow me to reply shortly and lets imagine for a moment you are travelling on a plane, or
a bus, lets imagine you are a student whose university is miles away, needing endless
hours to reach your destination.
Surely the buzzing sound of the plane or the bus will get unbearable after a point. Active noise cancellation along with the exceptional isolation, the ability of the foam around your ears to shut external sounds out, you will be given the opportunity to enjoy the best of sleep even during traveling. The example can be applied in other noisy environments alike, which is the reason of this particular mention.
Bluetooth range reaches 10 meters.
Noise reduction depth, the ability to isolate noise, st
minus 35 decibel. 32 ohm plus/ minus is the value of the capsule’s resistance, of our
speakers if you’d like, with a diameter of 40 milometers for the same.
On decent headphones the number varies from 40 to 50. The performance of the frequencies ranges
from 20 hertz to 40. Sensitivity minus 42 plus/ minus 3 decibel and weight at 296 grams.

The headphones are fully able to flip and turn and get adjusted in
order to perfectly fit your ears, it can also slide open and reach a quite big size. It can
cover a wide variety of heads, according to my understanding. Concerning the materials,
they are exactly what you expect to get compartively to what you pay.

The cushions around as well as up here are quite soft with memory foam promising comfort.
Additionally to that, they are also we could say cool, not burning your ears while wearing.

Despite the fact that I consider it a fine purchase, it would be best if you were
to form your own understanding over the matter and decide based on the feedback and the
video if this pair is fit for you.

This particular pair belongs in the middle of the category.
Likewise, that’s where the volume of the sound it can provide also belongs. It’s at 89
decibel maximum. Not bad of a number but also not the best. My speculations are that it’s
a result of the hi res feature. We need the entire sound range to be if not perfectly at least
well heard, high notes middle notes and bass notes alike. In this case they have fend for
this by letting the volume remain lower so that, even in maximum, the sound distortion
will be minimum. There will always be some kind of distortion in maximum volume but
it won’t be much.

This is all we can say about this pair of headphones, they are not cheap but we thoroughly
covered their case and we shouldn’t waste any more time.
This is a good point to close our video and renew our date with a new one of a, hopefully,
more interesting product. There is much more and much better to come, trust me. If you
stayed till the end, thank you, likes, shares and subscribes will help our channel move
further and we shall meet again very soon. farewell

Many Thanks to Dilena for Voice Over


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