OneOdio Pro-50 Studio Review – DJ Headphones with Hi-Res Audio Sound


OneOdio Pro-50 Studio is a professional DJ headphone that has the most balanced natural sound. The Japanese voice coil and Japanese driver diaphragm deliver professional-quality sound to satisfy even the most demanding audio connoisseur with high-performing 50mm driver units and noise isolation. Immerse yourself in highly accurate mid- to high tones that are true to the original recording while never losing composure-even at high volume.


OneOdio Pro-50 Studio is a comfortable headphone that can work even for long working sessions. It gets thick paddings on the head strap and the earmuffs, both are covered with protein leather, making it top-notch both in comfort and noise isolation. The German-made memory protein earmuffs distribute pressure and heat build-up. Combined with the soft leather headband you can provide maximum comfort and excellent insulation. OneOdio Pro-50 Studio is a flexible headphone that can naturally adjust to any sized head, big or small. The cups rotate both left and right and up and down. It is light-weight also, about 263g, so it’s convenient to be folded up and put in a carrying case.


OneOdio Pro-50 Studio is an adapter-free headphone, it is not Bluetooth, but comes with a detachable spring cable for 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphone sockets, save you from the trouble of using an extra adapter for the mixer. Studio Pro-50 is a super durable headphone in a stylish look. It is made of black matte plastic and chrome finish trims, some of it has a slightly rubbery feel. It is durable enough to put on the studio and to work often. OneOdio Pro-50 Studio is a professional over-ear headphone that has superb sound quality. It has big housing and powerful 50mm drivers deliver accurate sound reproduction. And audiophiles need while the mid and high are balanced and crisp. It is ideal for music digital mixer, mixer panel, turntable, monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, video, electronic newsgathering. And virtually any application where high-quality sound is required.


OneOdio Pro-50 Studio works with: iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, and many other audio devices. High-quality sound, supreme durability, and maximum comfort. These are the headphones you’ve been looking for. For More information visit on the official website.


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