OnePlus 3 and 3T Hydrogen OS 3.0 Based on Android Nougat ROM Download and Tutorial


Just now, Oneplus  has officially sent the notification for Oneplus 3 and Oneplus 3T Update Hydrogen OS 3.0 Based on Android Nougat, which is the first version of Android7.0 update, adding some new functions such as new OS interface, supporting DPI layout switch, the control center supports the third party quick-access switch, split-screen, new notification design, supporting quick reply for notification, etc.

Currently those haven’t upgraded to Android7.0 public version can directly update their Oneplus 3 or Oneplus 3T by OTA, users who has rooted it can choose the full packet version to update.

official version for one plus 3:…

official version for one plus 3t:…

Play store installer Method 1:

Play store installer Method 2:

open market app and search for “google play store” then install

Hydrogen Window Wallpapers:我的资源/自制壁纸/2017-2-8&parentPath=/我的资源/自制壁纸

Centered clock with date + rounded recents mod by @Bradl79 :
Installation process:


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