OnePlus 3 CM14 ROM (Android 7.0 Nougat) Guide and Download


Oneplus has got the support of CM14, recently, some developers at XDA forum has provided the third-party ROM downloading. Earlier before, when Oneplus 3 can update Android7.0 OS has become a hot topic at XDA.  Right now, the guys have developed the Android 7.0 Nougat based on CyanogenMod 14 ROM.


Currently,  Oneplus 3 has two direction to flash the Android7.0 ROM, one is to wait for official OTA, the other is the third-party ROM, but CM14 based on Android N ROM in the-third ROM is most popular. Right now ROM developers at XDA forum have released Android7.0 firmware. We need to be careful that this ROM has the bug that the camera function can’t be used according to developers. In addition, this version is not so stable, not suitable for daily use. In settings, this versions keeps some relative features of Oneplus smartphones such as gesture control. In addition, this ROM can support information notification with screen on.


However, the CM 14 ROM works well including such functions as fingerprint scanner, mobile data, DPI selector, Audio, GPS, and perhaps NFC all work well on the unofficial ROM. Other features like Google Play application installing, Bluetooth, DASH charge, Alert Slider and calling also work.

Therefore, if you have much experience about CM14 ROM updating, you can have a try, if not, just ask others who have much experience to do it. Of course, you can wait the official notification about the ROM. Right now if you can’t wait, you can download it here.


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