Oneplus 3 RAM 6GB Snapdragon 820 Version Release Conference Live at $416 Today


Oneplus has announced Oneplus 3 9 hours ago due to jet lag by VR. As the old regulation, let’s take a look at Oneplus 3 configuration first. It has 5.5inch AMOLED screen, powered by Snapdragon 820, 6GB LPDDR4 RAM,64GB UFS 2.0 ROM, except OS storage, it has 52.66GB usable. It has confirmed to support NFC function 0.2s fingerprint ID, and it has 3,000mAh battery with Dash quick charge, 5V/4A, USB Type C port, and it can be charged to 60% in half hour. As for camera, it has 8MP front camera and 16MP back camera, Sony IMX 298, single pixel 1.12μm , PDAF focus, F/2.0 aperture, OIS, which can shoot RAW video. It only has RAM 6GB version to only do the flagship smartphone.

Watch Oneplus 3 Official video:


Then let’s see Oneplus 3 craftsmanship, Oneplus 3 is all metal body smartphone, in curved angle, oneplus one has curved degree and Babyskin, Sandstone material, in Oneplus 2, it still has curved degree on its back, but they upgrade the back cover material, But in Oneplus 3, they completely upgrade curved degree and all metal body for better gripping.


As a all-metal phone, Oneplus 3 is 27% thinner than Oneplus 2, and it has 4.9mm thickness, we can see it very slim from the side of the phone. Let’s enjoy more nice photos about Oneplus 3. It’s plain in the middle of the back. We can see the beautiful curved line about Oneplus 3.  And the metal body makes this phone more sleek and smooth. In color, Oneplus 3 chooses golden and grey color which are different from the other smartphones until now which makes this phone full of high quality and high technology.


Besides the exquisite design and top performance, Oneplus 3 is equipped with a top technology, DASH Quick charge.  Compared with other main smartphones on the market now, Oneplus 3 can charge fastest before people need to charge urgently in 40 minutes. Oneplus 3 can charge 80% in 40 minutes. Because most smartphone with quick charge function choose to turn off the quick charge when the phone has screen on. Namely, your phone can support quick charge when you sleep. So quick charge function has not played full role for a smartphone. Oneplus 3 changed this kind of state in quick charge.

Oneplus 3 vs Samsung S7 Edge vs Xiaomi mi5 Quick Charge test review


We know most charging devices can not meet our busy life. So they released DASH quick charge bundle. You can enjoy discounts to order the phone and DASH Quick charge bundle. In addition, they have also released DASH car charger for those who have cars to make quick charge serve your life more conveniently.


In all, customized low pressure flash charging, supporting playing while charging, it has car charger to provide you with the complete quick charge solution. Oneplus 3 DASH quick charge will be the ultimate experience for charging.

Oneplus 3 uses Snapdragon 820 and UFS2.0 combination to upgrade the users’ experience largely. You can play large 3D games for fast and fluent experience for those game players. Meanwhile, about camera, Oneplus 3 owns the features like fast, stable, accurate functions. What’s more, Hexagon 680 DSP and HVX vector extension technique  is the biggest surprise for Snapdragon 820 industry. This technology can make taking photos become unprecedented fluent than before under the super low power consumption to let DSP replace CPU work couple with RAM 6GB storage.

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According to half year cooperation with Qualcomm, Oneplus 3 has become the first company to use this DSP high-performance technology which can improve the camera of the phone, adding Oneplus 3 software algorithm,to bring us a new picture processing technology — pixel chosen, after users’ press the shutter, Oneplus 3 will choose the pictures with best pixels to form a new set of pictures. All process can be completed fast without perception.


Oneplus 3 uses its samples to show the camera power. And enlarging the same scene between Oneplus 3 and Xiaomi MI5, although they both use Sony IMX 298 sensor, but Oneplus 3 adopt the pixel choosen technology to make it win a lot.


We think Samsung S7 Edge can be the best phone to take photos at night. We can see the comparison about Oneplus 3 and S7 edge about night shooting. Although Samsung has better brightness, but the noise dots shows more. However, oneplus 3 with DSP technology to make the night sky more natural and clear, more beautiful.


Oneplus 3 is exclusively built in LOFTCam filters which make your phone look new for better SNS sharing.  So by Hexagon 680 DSP+HVX and DSP technology, you can enjoy the best camera about Oneplus 3.


Oneplus 3 will have five types of back cover. Each kind of material stands for different personality.


About Hydrogen OS, after more than 40 version update, more than 40000  optimization and repair, it has improved much for better experience.  Oneplus 3 will offer open system code, Device Tree to let the third-party ROM develop the best ROM for Oneplus 3 fast. Meanwhile, Oneplus will give you the warranty about flashing ROM. So you can not be worried about bricked. This can be the best news for its users.


Last, they released Oneplus 3 smartphone at 2499 yuan, $416 for Chinese version, $399 for US version, 519CAD in Canada, and 399euro in Europe.You can order it in stock tomorrow.  So are you excited now?


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