Oneplus 3 vs IPhone 6S Speed Test


After Oneplus 3 has compared with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it proves Galaxy S7 Edge won in speed. Right now we will report Oneplus 3 vs Iphone 6S to check which one is faster in speed.


According to the previous way to compare Oneplus 3 and Galaxy S7 Edge, we also open the same App twice continuously and then calculated the time including Facebook, Temple Run, music, Photo Album, Asphalt 8, Share it, Gmail, Skype, Twitter, Youtube, App store, phone call, message, Chrome and camera. Before we test it, we need to close all running apps and only connects by Wifi.


In the first round, iPhone 6S has performed faster in the start, and uploaded Asphalt 8 very fast, but when oneplus 3 uploaded it, the rival, Iphone 6s has started to run the 14th app, Chrome, faster than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Iphone 6s has used 34 seconds in total and Oneplus 3 used 71 seconds to finish.

In the second round, we test the running app, according to the official of Oneplus, Oneplus 3 has controlled the running App in certain time. So we need to re-uploaded the games again, this time, iPhone 6s needs 17 seconds to finish, but Oneplus 3 uses the extra 71 seconds.

Therefore, according to the comparison, Oneplus 3 can not beat Iphone 6s in its speed. After all, iphone 6s is much more expensive than Oneplus 3, of course, it will have the better quality. So can Oneplus 3 beat other flagship smartphone like Xiaomi mi5?


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