Oneplus 3 vs Letv LeEco Le Max 2 Game Review


Oneplus 3 has compared with Samsing Galaxy S7 and IPhone 6S. We believe we have known who is the winner. Now we compared Oneplus 3 with Letv leEco Le Max 2 which both belong to Chinese flagship smartphone, and they both have similar specs like Snapdragon 820, RAM 6GB. So let’s see which one can win.


In unlocking the screen, they have same speed, so we can’t tell which one is faster.

Then let’s test a game, Temple Run, Oneplus 3 almost is one seconds faster than Le max 2.

But it’s not so positive in the next step, we will test ‘Asphalt 8’, they both need time to upload, but Le max 2 uploads faster. It seems Oneplus 3 should improve the speed of uploading in the large games.

Since last step finished, Oneplus 3 still falls behind in uploading every apps, so the gap has become much larger, after uploading the apps in the interface, Le Max 2 has used one minutes and 09 seconds, but Oneplus 3 takes one minutes and 12 seconds. After the second round and the first round, the total time they use as follows:


After we test again, the gap still has not changed.


Oneplus 3 can not compare with those Apple and Samsung, but we don’t imagine how large gap they have. Becuase Oneplus 3 has the same specs as Le max 2. So Oneplus 3 should improve its performance better.  Do you agree so?


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