Oneplus 3 vs OPPO R9 vs ZUK Z2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Review


Oneplus 3 has finally been released for several days. It has been compared with many current flagship smartphones to prove Oneplus 3 will be best one. In Oneplus 3 press conference, it shows Oneplus 3 camera with the technology of Hexagon 680DSP of Snapdragon 820 processor to take nice pictures with accurate white balance and good effect. Even taking photos at night, the pictures can still be vivid and clear. And the camera has OIS, EIS function to support IMX298CMOS. So the photographing feature will be most powerful. Therefore, in order to prove if it’s true, we will compare it with OPPO R9, ZUK Z2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera.


Samples in the day:  Oneplus 3, Oppo R9, Galaxy S7 Edge, ZUK Z2 Pro accordingly.7fc00064617c0b85f557fd0006443f072cae29

In general, this four smartphones only have difference in its color, then let’s enlarge to see its analysis.


After enlarging, we can see this four smartphones, Oneplus 3 actually performs quite well, the analysis of other three smartphones are worse than Oneplus 3 due to their pixel. Especially Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge enables its 12MP to shoot powerful details because of sharpening.  Zuk z2 pro and OPPO R9 have similar power.

Analysis Ability: Oneplus 3 > ZUK Z2 Pro > Oppo R9 > Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are careful, then you can find in these samples, Oneplus 3 has some partial red color.


In these samples, Oneplus 3 doesn’t have partial red color, but some partial  green color, the overall sample has partial color problems. Let’s enlarge, see Ads billboard.


After zooming the details, we can see Oneplus 3 and ZUK Z2 Pro shows some partial colors problem, and OPPO R9 has some red partial color overly, however, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has more accurate color.

Color Reality: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge > ZUK Z2 Pro > Oneplus 3 > OPPO R9. Let’s see their samples’ brightness.


In this four samples, ZUK Z2 Pro is brightest, we can see the shutter time of ZUK Z2 Pro is the longest, up to 1/33s, OPPO R9 has similar effect as ZUK Z2 pro which prolongs the exposure time to improve the sample brightness. But this two smartphones have occurred over exposure issue. Oneplus 3 doesn’t have advantage in aperture and ISO, and it also has lowest brightness.

Brightness : ZUK Z2 Pro > OPPO R9 > Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge > Oneplus 3

Let’s see macro performance

In macro performance, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has biggest f/1.7 aperture, but it has worse macro performance, no obvious scene difference effect. The front scene and back scene has combined together. but ZUK Z2 Pro takes nice advantage of big f/1.8 aperture and performs best. But oneplus 3 has similar macro performance as OPPO R9.



Oneplus 3 has best analysis ability due to this IMX298 CMOS1600mp camera,  but it also has some color partial problems. And it didn’t perform well in its brightness. However, OPPO R9 and ZUK Z2 Pro has best performance in brightness, but losing in their analysis. OPPO also has red color partial problem and ZUK green color partial problem. Last but not least, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge does’t have the most outstanding CMOS, but it can be sharpened to develop nice analysis ability. And in color partial problem, brightness, it performs best and stably. But it didn’t take advantage of its large aperture, f/1.7 aperture, so it loses in macro performance compared with other three phones.


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