Oneplus 5 Has Been in Mass Production Leaked by its CEO


Oneplus official has announced Oneplus 5 smartphone will be officially released this Summer, after Lau Zuohu, Oneplus CEO has used Oneplus 5 to post on Weibo, and confirms it will use fingerprint scanner on the front and Snapdragon 835 processor.

Now Lau Zuohu has posted on Weibo to warm up this new smartphone, it shows ‘ let the factory have a good rest for Chinese Dragon Boat festival’ , so Oneplus 5 has been put in mass production.

As for Oneplus 5 design, we have also reported a lot, but every report has different leaked photos, but one thing is for sure that Oneplus 5 will use dual rear camera.

As for specs, it will be powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB or RAM 8GB, supporting dual Nano SIM card, 4G LTE network, netcom, cooperating with DxO to use dual rear camera, built in 4,000mAh battery. and today a netizen leaks Oneplus 5 will be released on June 15.  The screenshot is rumored to be the press conference mail, and it has the procedure about the public address. And it also has the news that Oneplus 5 price can’t sell at the same as the previous version, at 399 usd, 439usd, it will start to sell over $650, 4,000 yuan.


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