Oneplus 5 Smartphone Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery, Review with Coupon


After one year, Oneplus has brought the new flagship smartphone, Oneplus 5, as you know, Oneplus has taken the road to only release high-end flagship smartphones for one or two models per year, this Oneplus 5 will also become the best killer of iPhone 8 upcoming in September. And it is the third smartphone in China to use Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, the other highlight is that it is the first RAM 8GB smartphone to sell at the early time.  Right now let us check how powerful Oneplus 5 is.


Oneplus 5 uses 5.5 inch Samsung AMOLED 1080P screen with 1920*1080p resolution, as for previous non-ideal display effect of Oneplus 3T, this time Oneplus 5 has been upgraded, improving in display effect, supporting sRBG and DCI-P3 color gamut.

At the bottom, two sides of Oneplus 5 have curved design, combined metal and linear, Oneplus 5 has been improved compared with Oneplus 3T.

On the sideways, Oneplus 5 is similar to Oneplus 3T, including USB Type C port, 3.5mm earphone jack, speaker, volume button, and sim card.


Oneplus 5 is powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB/6GB ROM 64GB/128GB internal storage, under the charging state, Oneplus 5 has got 180,000 points for three Antutu test, which ranks between Iphone 7 Plus and iPhone 7, and top 1 in Android smartphone.

About reading, and writing speed, Oneplus 5 has UFS 2.1, testing the reading speed and writing speed have got 716MB/s and 221MB/s. The installing speed of apps is quite fast.


As for battery, Oneplus 5 uses 3300mAh battery, before the test, we don’t think it has good battery life,  after 5-hour heavy use, Oneplus 5 has 46% power left, so it can support two days to use for medium and light use.

Oneplus 5 uses Dash quick charge, 5V, low charging temperature, the highest current is up to 4A, charging speed is quite fast, testing Oneplus 5 charging speed, from 0% , after 30 minutes, it charges 56%, it only takes 82 minutes, so the charging speed is quite powerful

Therefore, in battery life, thanks to low power consumption of Snapdragon 835 and more power-saving AMOLED screen, although Oneplus 5 only has 3,300mAh battery,it still has nice performance,according to Antutu, it checks its battery performance up to 1,1365 points, in addition, Oneplus 5 supports Dash quick charge, 5V/4A, which has also improved the experience of battery use.


The biggest upgrading is Oneplus 5 camera, besides using latest and popular dual rear camera, the photographing adjustment has also cooperated with DxO . Let’s see Oneplus 5 real samples, this time Oneplus 5 uses wide viewing angle and long focus combination to reach 2X optical zoom effect.

Under nice Sunshine

Launch twice Focus Mode under same scene

Samples indoor

Without launching human image mode

According to samples, the main back camera can take nice photos under good light, white balance, light accuracy, the center and edge sharpness are all great, but after enlarging, the edges may have some abnormal changes, launching twice modes, the secondary back camera start to work,besides reducing the sharpness, other performance are same.

Under extreme dim light,

When we come to indoor, we take some photos about some models, it has good details performance,  the dark noise is also pure, even under extreme dim light, it doesn’t have large square of noise.

As for dual rear camera and human image mode, Oneplus 5 has made well in human mode to separate human and background.

In photographing experience, its own Hydrogen camera continues its previous simple design,  which is easy to use, there is no need to worry about its focus and photographing speed, the professional mode on the right can display photo information and spirit level.

In general, whether in photographing or images performance, Oneplus 5 can be the top 1 in flagship smartphones, and the dual rear camera has not only added the entertainment, but also better for taking art photos.


Oneplus 5 has been improved in many aspects such as design, performance, camera, etc. It will be the best Chinese android smartphones with Snapdragon 835 and RAM 8GB combination in terms of hardware.If you are looking for top 1 android smartphone with dual rear camera and competitive price, Oneplus 5 can be a good choice. The other good news is that Oneplus 5 first starts to sell on Geekbuying at $539.99 for 6GB 64GB version and 8GB 128GB version at $639.99 now, but you can join Geekbuying OnePlus 5 launch event to get $5, $10 or $20 coupon randomly on 24th June to buy it.


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