Oneplus 5 VS IPhone 7 Plus Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery, Features, Review


Recently we have got a question about which one is better, more worthwhile to buy, Oneplus 5 or iPhone 7 Plus? As the most powerful smartphones in Android and IOS market, so what’s difference between Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus? We will let you know more details below. Oneplus 5 smartphone is the most powerful one released in June, 2017, powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB/8GB, and it has become the most powerful smartphone in terms in its Antutu test. As for iPhone 7 Plus, it was released in September, and it has become the most powerful smartphone in 2016, currently its performance is not the most powerful one, but it is still the top 10 powerful smartphone.


In design, Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus both use metal body, due to Oneplus 5 more narrower, it looks smaller than iPhone 7 Plus, and even thinner. But both use 5.5 inch screen size.

In the front design, Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus both use 2.5D curved glass, the main difference is fingerprint scanner under the Home button. Oneplus 5 uses semi-circular physical home button, but iPhone 7 Plus still uses its classic round physical home button fingerprint scanner.

On the back, Oneplus 5 is similar to iPhone 7 Plus, the dual rear camera are both on the top left, adopting hidden U type antenna, the main difference is only in the logo of the back. Namely, the back design of Oneplus 5 has copied the design style of iPhone 7 Plus, even the sleek curved edges.


As for other details, iPhone 7 Plus has many colors, rose golden, red, silver, black and jet black. But Oneplus 5 only has two colors, the other difference is that iPhone 7 Plus supports IP67 waterproof function, cancelling the 3.5mm earphone jack, but Oneplus 5 uses anti-water splashing design, keeping 3.5 mm earphone jack.

Therefore, Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus both have similar design, if you don’t compare them clearly, you will not find the difference, but Iphone 7 plus has more colors, better home button and craftsmanship, it will be better than Oneplus 5 in design.


iPhone 7 Plus uses Retina HD screen, adding 3D Touch force technology, the screen image quality is quite clear. Its 3D Touch has brought very good experience. While Oneplus 5 uses Samsung Super AMOLED screen, compared with Oneplus 3T, it has better image quality, but compared with iPhone 7 Plus, there is some gap.



In performance, Oneplus 5 uses Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB/8GB, but iPhone 7 Plus adopts Apple own A10 Quad core processor, RAM 3GB,  according to Antutu test, Oneplus 5 has got over 180,000 points score, while iPhone 7 Plus has got about 170,000 points, both have 10,000 points gap, but not big.


Oneplus 5 Sample

iPhone 7 plus camera sample

Oneplus 5 Sample

iphone 7 plus sample

As for camera, Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus both use dual rear camera, one for wide-viewing angle and the other for long-focus lens, Oneplus 5 uses dual rear camera, 16MP+20MP, while iPhone 7 Plus uses 12MP Dual rear camera. in general, Oneplus 5 has more advantages.

Oneplus 5 indoor Sample

Oneplus 5 indoor Sample

In aperture, Oneplus 5 is bigger a little than iPhone 7 plus whether in wide viewing angle or long focus aperture, and Oneplus DCAF dual core focus and PDAF will have more advantages from its speed.In terms of its camera specs, Oneplus doesn’t have OIS, but in other specs, it will not fail to iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s see the camera samples first.

Oneplus 5 Distant Sample

Iphone 7 plus distant sample

According to camera samples, Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus both belong to powerful ones, they both perform very excellent in image quality, but iPhone 7 Plus image is more real, but Oneplus 5 has higher color saturation and contrast degree, more attractive. Meanwhile, it has more accurate exposure. In the day, the performance is quite eye catching. Iphone 7 Plus has OIS function, in night noise control, it performs better than Oneplus 5. In addition, the photo supports Live Photo, anyway, they have their own advantages in camera.

Oneplus 5 Micro distance sample

iphone 7 plus micro Distant sample


Oneplus 5 human image mode

iphone 7 plus human image mode


Oneplus 5 night image mode

Iphone 7 plus night image mode

Oneplus 5 night image mode

Iphone 7 plus night image mode


As for battery, Oneplus 5 is built in 3,300mAh battery, supporting up to 20W quick charge, but iphone 7 plus battery just has less than 3,000mAh capacity, supporting 5V/1A charger, no quick charge function. So in battery life, iphone 7 plus will not be better than Oneplus 5.

In price, Oneplus 5 is the half price of iphone 7 plus. So Oneplus 5 will be more competitive.


Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7 plus are similar in design, but in terms of performance, battery, price, Oneplus 5 will be better, therefore, we highly recommend you can try Oneplus 5, which can bring faster speed and cheaper price. Right now you can use extra 10usd off coupon code: ROnePlus to catch Oneplus 5 6GB 64GB version at $479.99,  and coupon code: RTOnePlus5 for Oneplus 5 6GB 128GB at $569.99. 





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